Iconic Nokia 8110 “Banana” Phone Is Coming Back, Blessed With Android OS

If you ask me, nostalgia in mobile phone is hardly enticing because, keypad phones most certainly can’t keep up with the demands of today’s users, but apparently won’t stop licensed Nokia phone maker, HMD Global, from doing so. The company started reloading with the 3310 last year and now, it is bringing back the iconic […]

An Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Turned Into Blu-ray/DVD Drive Is Just About The Coolest Thing Ever

Almost any manufacturer can make a Blu-ray player, but not every manufacturer can satisfies some consumers’ burning desire for the nostalgic. To this end, we think Etsy RetroConnector is not just any manufacturer. Heck. I wouldn’t even call this seller a manufacturer and that’s the beauty of it. What this person did is something we […]

Do You Know Roland Had A BoomBox That Plays MIDI Music From 3.5” Floppy?

Before lossless audio files and before MP3, MIDI was the king of digital music. Now, I am sure you knew that, but do you know Japanese maker of electronic musical instrument, Roland, had a MIDI music player during MIDI’s heyday? Well, if that’s not surprising enough, I am sure your mind will be blown if […]

Oh, Look. Commodore 64 Is Making A Comeback As A Mini Game Console

Mission A.D., California Games, Cyberdyne Warrior, Chips’ Challenge. If the mention of any of those titles sends a nostalgic feeling surging through you, then we are quite sure you are a fan of the Commodore 64. Yeah. That Commodore 64. The iconic single computer unit that managed to find its way to millions of homes […]

This Retro Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Radio Channel Surf With A Knob

It will be a shame that a retro-style interior decor had to be marred by modern gadgets like Bluetooth speakers. It is true that some Bluetooth speakers score in the aesthetic department, but often they are modern or futuristic looking which is not exactly a good fit with your humble abode’s nostalgic styling. Of course, […]

Flat Screen Goes Retro-licious With Vintage-style 20-inch Japanese LCD TV

If the TV you see above looks very much like the one you have in the living room, then you way behind time and you are probably one heck of a nostalgic person. Well, the good news is, you can now move on to world of flat screen TV while not forsaking the nostalgia because […]

Nintendo Has Another Palm-size Game Console Targeted At Home Market

While the rest of the world is clamouring over the mini NES Classic, home market’s Nintendo fans won’t be left out in the cold as the game console maker has announced another mini based on the original NES introduced in Japan in 1983. As with the NES Classic Edition, this one is palm-size too and […]

Sega Introduces Mega Drive Mini And It Is Retro Console War All Over Again

Back in the 80s, a game console war was waged between two then big players: Nintendo and Sega. More than three decades later, the battle for consumers’ money continues between the two key players of cartridge-based consoles continues and they are slugging it out with the same consoles. It is indeed console war all over […]

Nintendo NES Classic Is Palm-size, Comes Pre-installed With 30 Games

Thanks to Pokemon Go, Nintendo is suddenly a household name again and a subject of trending news, and seriously, what better time then now to further boosts the news-worthiness of the company? And so it did by announcing the rebirth of the “system that started it all,” the Nintendo Entertainment System, or more commonly known […]

1950s Television-inspired PC Still Looks Refreshingly New Six Years On

Presented as a concept design back in 2009, the PhilcoPC dreamed up by Pasadena, California-based design studio SchultzeWORKS looks like something pulled from the pages of The Jetsons. As you might have guessed, notwithstanding the countless mentions by the media over the years, this delightfully retro-futuristic Windows-powered concept personal computer remained as a concept up […]