Ring Clock

as far as men are concerned, there’s really isn’t much to a ring, which means it is something we could live without. however, if there is one ring that could to do more than just adorning our fingers, then we suppose we could seriously considering them as a necessity. do more as in doubling as a multi-tool, or perhaps, tell time? the latter is exactly what the Ring Clock is about. you did not read it wrong – thanks to the technological advancements, a thing as tiny as ring could now double as a watch.

Titanium Utility Ring by Booner Titanium Rings

seriously, we think a man shouldn’t wear any ring at all – less, you are married but still, we advise you not to but (and that’s a big but) if you really need to wear one, then make sure it is the Titanium Utility Ring by Booner Titanium Rings. dubbed as “The Man Ring”, this ring may not bear the power of the mythical Green Lantern