Roku Introduces New Full HD Roku TV by Sharp, Priced at $380 and Up

While the rest of the world are all over Android TV, Roku is working hard to infiltrate more TVs so you could have “access to the biggest streaming channel line up in the industry” without the need for set-top box. It may look like Roku is cannibalizing its own market; perhaps they are but it […]

Insignia and Haier Joins The Rank Of Smart TVs Loaded With Roku OS

If you have yet to dive into Roku TV or in the market for one, you’d be glad that you will have more options this year. Roku has announced (at this year’s CES, naturally) that Roku TV models will also made by Insignia, as well as China’s appliance giant Haier. Built by the manufacturers using […]

Polaroid 50″ Ultra HD TV and 50″ Roku Ready Smart TV

you did not read wrongly and nor did we mistyped. Polaroid, the born-again instant camera company is going to offer you super affordable UHDTV and Roku-Ready Smart TV, namely the 50″ Ultra HD TV (50GSR9000) and the 50″ Roku Ready Smart TV (50GSR7100). so just how affordable those TVs are?

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

our experience with media streamers is the lethargic user interface, which totally puts us off (that’s politely put). we conclude that this due to 1) snail-powered processor, and 2) heavyweight UI. we might be wrong, but based on our beliefs, we thought the new Roku 3 Streaming Media Player might dispel our presumptions. sporting a faster processor

3M Streaming Projector by Roku

big screen TVs. they are such a pain to your wallet, aren’t they? the truth is not everyone can afford one comfortably and plus, they are heavy and cumbersome, and the idea of moving it to anywhere else other than where it is now, is certainly out of question. the solution? the 3M Streaming Projector by Roku, a palm sized projector that throws up to…