Kuna Wants to Prevent Home Break-ins Even Before it can Happen

There are two major types of home security: passive and proactive. Needless to say, the latter is what everybody strives for, but still, we find manufacturers are more incline to sell motion sensors and security cameras, then trying to prevent the break-ins in the first place. But how do you even prevent a break-in when […]

Blink Brings New Meaning To Wireless Home Monitor By Doing Without Power Cable Altogether

we love the idea of home monitors, but loathe the fact that most such cameras can’t do without cables. sure, most of them, if not all, are wireless. honestly, most people of today will be offended if they aren’t wireless, but are they really wireless? well, sadly, not so. the cameras have to be powered […]

66′ Honda P25 Scooter Turned into a Surveillance System

what does surveillance system has in common with a scooter? to be honest, we can’t think of any relation between the two. aircraft, maybe, but a scooter or even a motorcycle is way off the relationship chart. anyhow, that doesn’t stop renowned Japanese motorcycle builder Chicara Nagata from collaborating with Japan Security System

Canary Smart Home Security Device

if you think home security system couldn’t be simpler. think again, or at least that’s what the Canary Smart Home Security Device wants you to think. before we proceed, it is important that you get rid of the notion of cumbersome CCTV and video recording rigs, cos’ the Canary is anything but. it is just a lone, cylindrical device (beautiful, no less) that packs in a HD camera, a microphone, night vision capability, and sensors including temperature, motion detection. humidity and air quality sensors. the idea is to provide a one-stop security solution, so to speak, that’s quite a no-brainer to use. in another word, a device that just works. no fumbling with cabling, complicated setup or whatsoever. it is an all-in-one home security solution that provides you with video feeds and sensor readouts to your Android or iOS device in real time. the device detects abnormality in your home and alert you when say, there’s an sudden surge in temperature which could indicate potential fire, or motion or sound detected when apparently there isn’t anyone home.