Neat Or Sloppy Packing, Crumpler’s Transparent Suitcase Will Bare It All

With terrorism constantly a threat, air travelers face endless security checks which often requires you to expose your horribly or superbly packed suitcase. But not with the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase which, as the product name points out, is completely clear, which means no matter how bad or good is your packing, it will bare […]

The Arcido Bag: Travel Carry-on Suitcase Completely Reimagined

If you jet set a lot, then you will understand the pain and hassle of checking in luggages. That is why many chose, if they can, to go with carry on. However, carry on does have its fair share of issues, most notably handling when outside of airport. Seriously, you are not going to tow […]

The Luxury Collection Globe-Trotter Luggage by Sofia Sanchez de Betak

The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts teamed up with British luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter to create a limited edition suitcase collection with artworks by Buenos Aires born, New York-based, art direction and fashion consultant, Sofia Sanchez de Betak. The collection comprises of four pieces, inspired by Sofia’s stay at, you guess it, The Luxury Collection’s […]

Supercar, Superbike, Superyacht And Now, There’s Super Suitcase Too

You heard of supercar, superbike, superyacht and now, meet the world’s first super suitcase, Floatti. Designed by Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti, Floatti aims to provide you with stress-free traveling experience by combining technology, intuitive features and elegant styling into a suitcase. Admittedly, Floatti is not the first to do so, but it is […]

G-RO: Carry-on Luggage Goes All-Terrain With Enormous Wheels

It was a moment of revelation. Our concept of carry-on luggage is wrong the whole time. Why? A luggage needs to be towed and the wheels of today’s luggage is only good if it rolls on perfectly flat ground. But then again, you can’t blame luggage makers cos’ small wheels take up less space, meaning […]

Wheelrider Is A Motorcycle Top Case That Is Also A Travel Carry-on

Transiting from cars to aircraft and vice versa is a norm, but if you one of those who prefers to transit from your motorcycle to aircraft, the Wheelrider Carry-on Motorcycle Top Case by Restless Travellers is the suitcase for you. Touted as the world’s first solar-powered travel carry-on motorcycle top-case, Wheelrider is what it says […]

Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase is Loaded with Tech, Feels More like a Gadget Than a Suitcase

You can’t really call yourself a tech savvy, globetrotter unless you own the Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase. No. We are serious. We have seen our fair share of high-tech luggages, but this Planet Traveler’s iteration really takes the cake. Seriously, Space Case 1 feels more like a gadget first, a suitcase second. Why? For […]

Barracuda is a Carry-on Luggage That Collapses to Just 4 Inches Thick

Imagine this: you started traveling light. Then your urge to spend gets the better of you and you ended up with stuff than your existing luggage can swallow. At that point, the most logical choice is to acquire an additional luggage to accommodate the overflows, or you could drop serious money to have it shipped […]

Vespa Suitcase: Bring a Piece of the Classic Vespa the Next Time You Jet Set

We can understand why sometimes luggages are marketed with cars, but a suitcase by a scooter maker like Vespa? Now, that’s pretty weird. However, we must say it is still an interesting proposition. One that would keep hardcore Vespa enthusiasts from missing their lovely Vespa when they are jet-setting. The Vespa Khaki Suitcase you see […]

Trunkster Suitcase Has Aircraft-inspired Rolltop Door for Easy Access Even in the Tightest Space

One of the many benefits of using carryon is, you will have access to the content whenever you want, but not quite if you need to flip the top up in tight spot like in a car or even at an airline seat. With that in mind, two self-profess globetrotters set out to reimagine how […]