Legoland Windsor Gets Ginormous 500,000 Bricks LEGO Death Star

What you see here is a massive LEGO Death Star and when we said this thing is massive, we do mean 500,000 LEGO bricks kind of massive. If that number doesn’t astound you, how about the fact that this custom job, which was made for Legoland Windsor UK, measures 2.5 meters (8 feet 2.43 inches) […]

This Old Subterranean Salt Mine In Romania Hides An Amusement Park

Set in a picturesque area somewhere to the southeast of Romania town of Cluj-Napoca, Salina Turda used to be a salt mine that dates back to nearly a millennium. But today, instead salt miners, the subterranean enclaves are bustling with exciting visitors, hitting up the bowling alley, tranquil underground lake, and a 20 meter Ferris […]

Travel: Theme Park Juggernaut Six Flags Introduces Thrill Rides And Attractions For 2015

if you are seriously passionate about thrill rides and are undaunted by the recent safety lapses and unfortunate (and sometimes fatal) accidents, then you might be interested in what Six Flags has to offer for 2015. eleven new thrill rides and attractions will opening in 2015 across 10 locations in North America (well, maybe a […]

Wibit Sports Park 60

this is the first time we are going to say that setting up a water theme park is probably easier than building a playground from ground up. if you have a private lake or island, the Wibit Sports Park 60 is for you. don’t expect thrill rides like The Log or anything remotely close, instead, this inflatable floating water park will offer you a slide, ponds, a cliff, high…