TORQ Electric Three-Wheel Roadster

by now, you must be already shaking your head thinking that 65 grand is a little too much to be paying for a ride with one less wheel, has no roof, and seats only two, but seriously, how can you deny that the TORQ Electric Three-Wheel Roadster is a not beauty? unlike most three-wheeler that looks immediately like, well, a three-wheeled ride, the TORQ Roadster looks exceedingly like a regular car from the front

Campagna T-Rex 16S Three-Wheeler

three-wheeler never fails to have us bewildered. is it a motorcycle? or is it a car? or it is simply a whole new category called trike? (we’re less incline to think it as a ‘trike’ cos’ trike sounded like a pedal-powered ride to us) whatever it is, there is no denying that they are one heck of head turner and for some reason, they always look pretty awesome no matter what.