MicFlip is the World’s First Truly Reversible USB, Has Reversible micro USB Connector Too

With the adoption of USB Type-C, it still does not solve the “which side to plug in?” issue entirely. It only addressed one end of the problem, which means one of the world’s most used cable, the micro USB, still has the problem even if USB Type-C were to be implemented. Until the other end’s […]

InfiniteUSB Lets You Increase the Number of USB Ports Infinitely. Hint: It is Not a USB Hub.

There is an inverted exponential phenomena in the world of gadgets, particularly laptops, where we are seeing lesser USB ports but an increase in USB port-dependent gadgets. It’s probably not a big deal, but nevertheless, an inconvenience that we rather not live with, which is why we have USB hubs. Problem solved, you think? Yeah, […]

Meet WonderCube, an One-inch Cube That is Truly the Swiss Army Knife of Smartphone Accessories

Just a smartphone alone would require us to bring along a few ‘essential’ accessories, including things like backup battery, charging cable, and for some, even a USB flash drive to offload the data burden from the smartphone and perhaps, a device stand for watching movies or doing video calls. I am sure every power user […]

Belkin Introduces New Line of USB-C Cables for the all-new MacBook and other USB-C Devices

Thanks to the all-new Apple MacBook, USB-C is now officially official, which means we are going to see its adoption fairly quickly. LaCie has already tout USB-C on its high-end Porsche Design Mobile Drives and now, Belkin is also offering a bunch of different USB-C cables that will work with the all-new MacBook, as well […]

Bracelet Charging Cable Lets You Wear It So You Won’t Forget to Bring Your Cable Again

most smartphone users would have a charging device or a portable battery along with them when they head out, you know, for obvious reasons. whether you have a USB power adapter or an external battery, you will need one thing: the cable and that’s where problems start to surface. stock cables are long and difficult […]

LifeLink Smartphone Cable

USB cable is one of those necessarily evil you love to hate, but yet you can’t leave home without, simply because your portable battery charger needs it to charge your smartphone. a cable might not be cumbersome, but nevertheless a pain in the butt to bring around, until now. meet the LifeLink Smartphone Cable, a super portable

Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock

the quest to reduce our desktop clutter never cease and thanks to company like Bluelounge, iPhone 5 users will have an edge over other device users when it comes to cleaning up the clutter. meet the Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock, the two accessories that will help you to improve your desk tidiness regardless whether you are a laptop or desktop user.

The Orobis Transform – a Lightning and microUSB hybrid cable

Apple is not the reigning portable gadget maker and hence, we don’t depend on Lightning cable all the time. so if you are like most of us here that has the need for both the Apple Lightning cable and a microUSB cable (common among non-Apple devices), then The Orobis Transform should help

MEEM Memory Cable

although syncing the phone is not a mammoth task but still, many smartphone users fail to do so. it is indeed an odd phenomena which can have devastating consequences in the event that the phone decided to give up on you or your handset got misplaced or stolen. this where MEEM will be able to help. the concept behind MEEM is a no brainer: since charging your phone is…