Volvo Makes XC90 A Littler Sportier With R-Design Treatment

Is the Volvo SUV/crossover XC90 not sporty enough for you? Well, not all hope is lost cos’ the Swedish automaker has given its award-winning XC90 a sporty makeover, by the way of R-Design model. Though the improvement are limited to cosmetic and equipment level. Slapped with R-Design namesake, the exterior of the seven-seat SUV is […]

This Dude Turned A Volvo 240 Wagon Into A Delightful Amphibious Vehicle

amphibious vehicle is almost always associated with rugged, off-road vehicles and never had or will ever have a romantic relationship with road cars, much less a Volvo 240 Wagon, well, that’s until now. a New Yorker by the name of Theon Parseghian, who apparently has this undying love for tinkering with cars in a brutal […]

Inflatable Child Car Seat By Volvo

if you have kids, you probably have experience screaming in frustration at your car’s rear seat while trying to install a basic child car seat. yea. we know how it felt like and so does Volvo. traditionally, child car seat is never easy to install and when you finally did the deed, you realized that it takes up…

Volvo Concept Estate

another auto show and the final piece of the puzzle is in place. we are talking about the third in a series of concept cars which Swedish automobile maker Volvo serves up based on the firm’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and what better way then to wrap it up with an estate aka station wagon after the…

Volvo Concept Coupe

for a moment we got pretty excited when Volvo’s new Senior Vice President of Design, Thomas Ingeniath referred the Volvo Concept Coupe as not a futuristic dream car. alas, that does not necessary means what you here would come to fruition as is, but rather it points toward the capability of Volvo’s new architecture which will be carried forward to future Volvo cars.