SeaBubbles Wants To Do For The Rivers What Uber Did For The Roads

While most companies are looking to the sky to skip the horrendous urban traffic, one French startup, SeaBubbles, is looking to the rivers for answers to one of the most pressing urbanization issues. And SeaBubbles’ answer? River taxis. But mind you, they are not just any river taxi. It will be autonomous, electric-driven and quick […]

U-Boat Worx HiPer Submarine Looks Like A Supercar Submerged In Water

What you are looking at here is not front end of a supercar. It isn’t an alien spaceship with a thing for supercar either. It is a submarine. A U-Boat Worx personal sports submarine, to be precise, that will allow you to take on the water below the surface and move through it like a […]

Alpacka Caribou Packraft Will Take You And Your Bike Across The Water

Staking claim as the lightest and most packable full-size packraft on the market, the Caribou is packraft maker Alpacka Raft’s latest offering. Caribou is more than just a pretty raft; it touts a new, innovative bow design which allows it to, wait for this… carry bikes. Yup. This baby here can take your trusty pedal-powered […]

This Inflatable Raft Actually Rolls Up To The Size Of Paper Towels

There are rafts that you bring to a lake and then there are rafts that you bring to a lake located off the beaten paths. Obviously, a regular raft or kayak, for that matter, is not going to make it to the latter. In such instance, you will need a raft like the Rogue Packraft. […]

JimBoats 6.5 Is A Sea-faring Ride-on For Kids That (Some) Adults Can Ride Too

Kiddie ride comes in a myriad of designs. It can be a Landspeeder, a McLaren P1, a Tesla Model S, or even a non-mobile ride like the Star Trek Enterprise Rocker, but however different they may be, they are ultimately land-based miniature vehicles which, sadly, adults can only ogle at with envy. So, when Denis […]

Rapid Whale Mini Boat Is A One-man Boat That Fits Into A Compact Hatch

Who doesn’t like boats? But lets face it: not everyone has a vehicle that is capable of towing a 27-foot boat to the shore, much less afford the maintenance that comes with a full-fledged boat. At this point, you could either make peace with your desire to own a motor boat by going with kayaks, […]

This Is Manta5, A Pedal-Assist Bicycle For The Water

If you love cycling, then you really shouldn’t let any waterbody stop your love for pedaling. Obviously, a regular bicycle can’t let you pedal on water and therefore, if you really want to continuing cycling on water, well then, you have to look to the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 Hydrofoil Bike. Also quite obviously, pedaling on […]

This Powered Kayak Has Retractable Stabilizer So You Can Fish Standing

Standing fishing and kayak don’t mix for obvious reason, but when professional competition kayaks maker Fissot introduced the MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak last year, the game changes. For the first time, you can fish standing without worrying about unwillingly taking a dive. Balance has always been an issue with kayak if you try standing […]

This Full-size Kayak Is Foldable And Weighs Less Than A Chihuahua

Imagine this: you are out exploring the great outdoor and you stumble upon a beautiful body that stands between you and the unexplored area. At this point, you probably wish you have a kayak with you. Then again, that’s just wishful thinking because if you had a kayak, you probably won’t make it this far. […]

Ultraskiff 360 Proves That Round Boats Can Be As Adept As Regular Boats

If you recall, we made an editorial about a revolutionary, flying saucer-like boat from the 50s two years ago. In the post, we believed that the notion of a round boat was preposterous, simply because it defies hydrodynamic principles, or so we thought. We didn’t believe anyone would ever attempt to make a boat round, […]