Selfie Arm Lets You Feel Less Alone When Taking Selfies, or Will it Really?

As long as selfie is in vogue, selfie stick is the accessory that’s not going away anytime soon. Why? Not everyone can afford to pilot an imaging drone to make the ‘perfect selfie’ and you also don’t want to be too over narcissistic and thus, using a selfie stick lets you capture a little of […]

Forget About Selfie Sticks, Miz Mooz Wants Ladies to Take Selfie Using Their Legs with Selfie Shoes

April Fools’ Days may be behind us now, but when we stumble upon yet another ‘pure gold prank’ that we have missed, we can’t help but to share it here and today, that ‘pure gold prank’ which we talked about is this ‘revolutionary’ selfie shoes by New York-based shoe maker Miz Mooz. To be honest, […]

Ant Watch Does Not Tell Time. It is Literally Filled with Ants. What???

A watch company makes timepieces. There is really nothing wrong with that, isn’t it? Except that Analog Watch Co. not only makes beautiful, wood-based timepieces, it now also has one that won’t keep time. Appropriately called Ant Watch, it has no minute or second hands and there is no complication either; all it has within […]

Big Mac Fans, You Can Now Wear Your Favorite Double Patty Sandwich Too

What do a global fast food chain does when its earning goes downhill? More promotion and advertising perhaps? But not in the case of McDonald Sweden. Ok, maybe they did dabble with the conventional market-saving strategies, but one thing for sure, McDonald Sweden has embarked on a brand new approach, which evidently targets at (very […]

The World’s Smallest Working 3D-printed Cordless Drill is No Bigger Than Your Index Finger

To be clear, we are not sure if it is really the ‘world’s smallest’ 3D-printed cordless drill, but looking at how small it is and the fact that it is actually a working drill, it doesn’t really matter. It is still something to behold. And yes, it wasn’t a typo; this thing actually works. For […]

This Wearable Robot Will Feed You Tomatoes While You’re Running

Wearable tech is commonplace today, but a wearable robot? Or to be more specific, a wearable robot that feeds you with tomatoes while you are running? That has got to be the first and we are no kidding cos’ there is really such a contraption. As might have guessed, it hails from the Land of […]

How a Guy Lived in Ikea For Two Days Without Being Caught

No matter which Ikea you go to, they are unsparingly massive and for unfamiliar visitors, getting lost is not uncommon and so is falling asleep on one of those cosy beds or sofas. While some of us may have our fair share of the said experience, no one can beat Bro Bible writer Harvey Champine, […]

This is Pyro. It Will Let You Shoot Fireballs Out of Your Palm

Comic superheroes/supervillains with superpowers are fictional. We all know that (right? right?), but with a little help from ingeniously designed gadgets, you might be able to turn yourself into one and the Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder is one such device. While soaring the sky and magically appearing in some war-torn Southwest Asia countries is […]

TailGator Gas-powered Blender Gives You the Horsepower to Blend Anywhere, Even in the Wild

The reason why one of the world’s best invention, the blender, never goes beyond the home is the same reason why it is so hard to get electric cars to be accepted: mileage. Sure, battery packs can get it the range or at least somewhere in the ‘acceptable’ range, but charging it is, however, the […]

Dissected Ralph Wiggum Cake Looks Morbidly Delicious. What???

At the first glance, this dissected Ralph Wiggum looks like an illustration that you may see coming from illustrator Jason Freeny, but it is not. It is an incredibly realistic 3D cake. What??? As unbelievable as it is, this is really a cake featuring Ralph Wiggum, son of Police Chief Wiggum from the longest-running American […]