signs that you are a filter addict: one) you possess an undying love for Instagram, two) in the absence of Instagram, you will fire up any app that supports photo filters without discrimination, and three) you almost always wonder what a scene or a particular object would look like with filter. if you can identified with at least two of the aforementioned signs, you are almost positively a filter addict, which means you constantly feel the need to bathe the world in filter. if so, the Tens Real Life Photo Filter Sunglasses is just what you need. fitted with “sense-heightening” tint lenses, the Tens transform the warmth of the sun into an “uplifting tint” that promised to make your day even more beautiful, as oppose to blocking out the light, which often result in a colder feel. in the process of visually beautifying your day, it also provides UV protection, cutting out harmful rays so you can have a peace of mind while admiring the beauty of whatever that’s in front of you.

Tens Real Life Photo Filter Sunglasses

the frame is of a unisex design in matte finish and is made from CR-39 polymer with 5-tooth hinge, paired to scratch resistant lenses to stand up to whatever you throw at them in your daily life. hail from Edinburg, Scotland, this Tens Real Life Photo Filter Sunglasses is available from Indiegogo for 36 quid a pair (roughly US$61). choice of color includes black, navy, deep red and teal. the project is on flexible funding, but that don’t really matter, cos’ it is already 1,088% funded as we speak and it still has 27 days left on the clock. if you have been wondering from the start just how many folks are filter-obsessed, the result of the campaign thus far pretty much speaks for themselves.

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Tens Real Life Photo Filter Sunglasses

Tens Real Life Photo Filter Sunglasses

source: Kickstarter
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