The Astro A30 Silver Edition with exclusive Astro Artwork

Astro A30 Silver Edition 544x328px
The Astro A30 Silver Edition | US$129.95 |

Astro A30 that is touted to be the world’s first cross-gaming headset is back with the Silver Edition where you can choose from six exclusive speaker tag designs or even make your own with Astro’s tag customizer. based on the original Astro A30, this pair of multi-platform cans lets you switch from gaming, text and voice on the fly, while a multifunction button allows answering or hanging up of calls, start/stop or skip through music tracks. in fact, it is so versatile that this is the only pair of cans you need to bring along on your next road trip.
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the A30 Silver Edition works with your iOS devices, as well as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other media devices. this $129.95 on-ear cans come with a set of exclusive Studio Tags, but more tags can be added for just $19.95 per set. current available styles include Star Power, Argyle, Skullseye, Creatures, Sweetness and Fallout.

Astro A30 Silver Edition 544x308px

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