The mention of multi-tool with measuring scales, immediately the typical flat, credit card size multi-tool comes to mind. Well, typical credit card size multi-tool SlideKick isn’t. We were drawn to it the moment we saw it in our inbox. It is so different.

The SlideKick EDC Multi-Tool Kickstarter

Slightly thicker than a typical smartphone, the SlideKick EDC Multi-Tool packs 12 functions, including a 4 mm driver with magnetic retention, a super cool internal cache for storing small items or the included WIHA bits, imperial and metric scales, bottle opener, 1/4” hex wrench, and a tip that good as a pry bar, scraper, box opener, and a flat head driver. And yes, it does have a lanyard hole too.

What really cool is, it does not even appear to have so many functions – just the way we like it. SlideKick is the brain child of Novel Carry, a community of setup by EDC enthusiasts. After reviewing countless everyday carry, Novel Carry has its very own product.

The SlideKick EDC Multi-Tool Kickstarter

If you’re down, the SlideKick EDC Multi-Tool is available in three finishes: stainless steel, titanium and titanium blackwash, via Kickstarter. The campaign, which started on the June 25, is already funded. This means a pledge of US$55 or more will secure yourself a product. If you are into EDC, we suggest you go check it out.

All images courtesy of Novel Carry.

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