To call ThreeZero an ambitious toy company would be a gross understatement. This 20+-year-old toy maker is adding new properties to its portfolio and rolling out new toys at a speed unheard of. The latest to join its growing fast portfolio is the Shin Kamen Rider.

ThreeZero Shin Kamen Rider FigZero 1/6 Previewed

Shin Kamen Rider will be joining the brand’s FigZero lineup. In a recent post on the Chinese micro-blogging platform, Weibo [CH], ThreeZero said that the Kamen Rider FigZero 1/6 scale action figure will be launching soon along with Kamen Rider No. 2 and the Cyclone Motorcycles.

Little is known beyond the fact that it will be available to order soon but thanks to a special threezero in Tokyo 2023 exhibition (April 29-30, 2023), we get a teeny weeny bit of idea of some of the accessories that will be included.

ThreeZero Shin Kamen Rider FigZero 1/6 Previewed

On exhibit were both Kamen Riders’ figures along with their respective trench coat and three pairs of interchangeable hands. We noted that the figure has dressed in a miniature suit but that is kind of the norm these days and we greatly appreciate it because there are no exposed joints to break the illusion that they are toys.

The respective 1/6 scale Cyclone motorcycles were there too. In case anyone’s wondering. Kamen Rider’s helmet has white lenses (eyes) while Kamen Rider No. 2’s red. In addition, white stripes can be seen running down the length of each arm and pants of Kamen Rider No. 2.

ThreeZero Shin Kamen Rider FigZero 1/6 Previewed

Pricing and exactly when the collectible figures and motorcycles will be available are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, do enjoy the images posted with this article.

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Images: threezero.

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