If you haven’t already heard, Warner Bros. dropped the second official trailer for The Flash yesterday. As before, if you are anal about spoilers, you should turn away now. If you are still here then I assume all’s good? Anyways, the first trailer offered a hint of Batmans, both the original live-action Keaton-Bat and the Justice League’s Batfleck, involvement.

We also know the story is inspired by the 2011 Flashpoint comics and involves time travel. So far so good. Now, with the second official trailer, it seems to focus on Keaton-Bat as we see a lot, like seriously a lot, of Micheal Keaton’s Batman – with and without the cowl.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised because even toys from McFarlane Toys and Spin Master seem to focus quite a bit on the 1989’s Batman too.

The second trailer is a tad shorter than the first trailer but somehow, it has a lot to offer. But I shall not spoil it for you. We shall let you have the honor of spoiling yourself with the trailer embedded below. The Flash will hit the theaters on June 16, 2023.

Images: YouTube (DC).

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