Warrior Monster USB PC Game Controller Pad

Warrior Monster USB PC Game Controller Pad 544x408px
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i know standard game controller pad can look pretty dorky, but i never thought spicing up its design could result in this Warrior Monster USB PC Game Controller Pad which, honestly, looks pretty painful to hold on but then again, you will never know until you spend $26.05 to give it go. the controller has a samurai-inspired design with intricate pattern adorning the controller, complete with a skeleton-version of a samurai warrior right smack in the center that has eyes that grow green when plugged into your PC’s USB port. understanding that a full skull head isn’t everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, the manufacturer is kind enough to include a lower faceplate that helps to soften the monstrous sight. even though it may look pretty uncomfortable to use for long hours, i am drawn to the detailed 3D patterns of the dragons on the handles and Japanese folklore creatures on its analog sticks. along with the red armor and overall burnt bronze paint job, the controller looks rather morbid-cool. perhaps more for the sake of collection than practical usage.
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Warrior Monster USB PC Game Controller Pad 544x311px

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