Wi-Charge Long Distance Wireless Charging Sample

Remember Wi-Charge Long Distance Wireless Charging promised by Tel Aviv-based company, Wi-Charge? Well, it has recently announced the world’s first production-ready long-range wireless power product which companies interested in developing the technology can acquire. Currently, there are at least two other types of technology that promised long range wireless charging. One uses radio frequency and the other proposed using man-made diamonds and lasers to transmit power. Wi-Charge differs by using infrared.

“The new power transmitter is about the size of a soft drink can – one third the size of last-year’s prototype. The transmitter blends into both residential and commercial environments and can be inconspicuously installed on track lighting, placed on a shelf, or plugged into a wall outlet. A unique feature of Wi-Charge’s infrared (IR) light technology is that power levels are practically constant with distance, unlike other approaches, such as radio frequency (RF), which suffer a dramatic drop in power levels when the power receiver moves farther away from the energy source.”

Wi-Charge Long Distance Wireless Charging Sample
Top: The transmitter. Above: The receiver.

The receiver is even smaller, having a size much smaller than a credit card. The current iteration’s power is suited for IoT and smart home devices, and it is capable of transmitting power up to 5 meters (16 feet). On the safety aspect, Wi-Charge said it is UL certified and approved by U.S. and international regulatory bodies.

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Wi-Charge is inviting manufacturers to become its partners. Wi-Charge may apply to purchase samples for the purpose of development. Wi-Charge said mass production pricing is also available upon request with mass production units to be available later this year.

Images: Wi-Charge.