Modern day toys grab kids attention with its myriad of colors and are mostly made out of plastics. There’s no denying this colorful plastic strategy works and there’s really nothing wrong cos it’s just business. But if you are a firm believer in style and also believes that play things shouldn’t be complicated, then WooBots Transformers In Wood might just the toys of choice for your kids. Designed by Canadian wooden toy company Bamloff, WooBots are inspired by the famous and much loved Transformers characters, but instead of plastics, they are of real natural wood. Each WooBot is made of up to 20 precision laser cut wooden blocks and hand-assembled to ensure every components that supposed to move, moves.

WooBots Transformers In Wood
Vehicle mode

The result is a set of five fun transforming characters: a car called Beetle, a truck, a warship (more like aircraft carrier, really), a bus, and a jet fighter that resembles the iconic F-117 Nighthawk stealth strike aircraft. The thing that awe us is, WooBots can actually transform, which is no mean feat on the designers and the machinists part. To be honest, we nearly gave this hat tip a pass when it appeared in our inbox, but boy, are we glad that we didn’t. Upon closer observation, the WooBots are actually pretty damn cool and the details that go into each bot is rather intricate, despite it being made out of wood. We highly recommend that you check it out yourself.

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WooBots Transformers In Wood
Robot mode

With the WooBots, Bamloff has taken wooden toys into the next level of sophistication, definitely worthy of the 21st century kids. Want one for your child or perhaps, even yourself? Well, easy. All you have to do is to back Bamloff’s endeavor on Kickstarter and if all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign meets its set funding goal, you can expect to take delivery of WooBots as soon as December 2015. Early birds get to acquire WooBot at just $25 Canadian dollars, or about US$19, a pop. After which, it will cost $35 CAD (about US$26) each.

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