hammock is an awesome way to chill out and you know who would love hammock more than Homer? cats. they can’t speak, but you know they would love to laze their twenty hours a day sleep routine on one. speaking of cat hammock, Netherlands-based Wohood has a pretty brilliant one, well, that’s if you concur with us that pet’s stuff should be as aesthetically pleasing as all our other things. meet Woozy, a sleek cat hammock and bed that’s designed to hang on your home radiator. the design is pretty simple. it has a somewhat Ikea-ish feel to it, if we may add and comprises of three main components: a frame crafted from high-quality beech wood, a pair of coat steel for hooks, and a fabric made from recycled polyester that’s also totally washable.

Woozy Hammock Bed for Cats

slots are built into the frame which allows the hooks to be adjusted to suit virtually any type of radiator, so there’s no worry about it won’t fit your radiator. what if you don’t have a radiator? that’s where the magic of the hooks come in. just install it the other way round and it becomes a standalone cat hammock bed for your beloved feline friend. we can’t vouch for the sturdiness for that, though, but judging from the video it looks pretty up to the task, unless your kitty happens to be the world’s heaviest cat. the Woozy Hammock Bed for Cats is running a campaign on Kickstarter, where for 62 euros, or about US$79, you can pre-order one. but of course, that’s provided that the campaign meets its set funding goal of a modest €6,500 in the next 34 days. hit the jump for pitch video and decide for yourself if Woozy is a good fit for your kitty.

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Woozy Hammock Bed for Cats

Woozy Hammock Bed for Cats

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