World First Ferrari Theme Park opens to the media

Ferrari World Theme Park - Birds eye view
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stretching 700 meters and occupying 176,000 square meters of interior space, the Ferrari World is the world biggest indoor theme park. it goes to show’s how the branding has extend beyond just cars and fashions. traditionally, theme parks are aimed at children, and the Ferrari theme park is definitely aimed in getting in the imagination of ‘future’ potential buyers. located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, we can easily see why. UAE… need i say more?
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an entertainment center houses a 60-meter high “G-Force Tower”, a world fastest roller coaster and a 4D fantasy ride called “Speed of Magic”, among other rides catering to both family-fun and thrill-seekers alike. i’m a big fan of theme park, specifically thrill-rides, so naturally, i am thrilled with the opening of the Ferrari World Theme Park. the Ferrari World features the world’s fastest roller coaster, FORMULA ROSSA which straps you into a F1 cockpit and launch you up to 52m into the sky at a top speed of 240Km/h – all this in just 5 seconds. of course, the thrill doesn’t just stops there. chicanes included. wow.

the park will open it’s door to the world on the November 4th, 2010.

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check out more photos below.

Ferrari World Formula Rossa 544px
Formula Rossa - the world's fastest roller coaster
Ferrari World G-Force 544px
G-Force - Free-falling at from 62m
Ferrari World Fiorano GT Challenge 544px
Fiorano GT - the 'overtaking' roller coaster, accelerator not included
Ferrari World Scuderia Challenge 544px
Scuderia Challenge - state-of-the-art simulations
Ferrari World Junior GT 544px
Junior GT - aspiring the young
Ferrari World Junior Grand Prix 544px
Junior Grand Prix - for aspiring young GP drivers?
visit Ferrari World Official Website.

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