Xiaomi, the grocer of the gadget world, has introduced a new toy. It is an officially licensed 1:16 scale replica of the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny and oh yeah, it is a remote control toy.

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny

The toy, called Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny, boasts crazy realistic mechanics, including direct shaft 4-wheel-drive, coilover suspension, custom rubber tires, central gearbox, girder structure and an impact resistant nylon platform replicating the real life counterpart’s underpinning.

Moreover, it is a fully proportional system that is blessed with digital servo and a 5-in-1 controller. The body of the car is ABS and it is, of course, based on the delightful Suzuki Jimny.

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny

Remote control is achieved via Bluetooth and control using an app on your smartphone. Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny is juiced by a rechargeable battery, rechargeable via a USB port cleverly integrated into the exhaust tailpipe.

This delightful, accurately reproduced look of Suzuki’s off-roader is being sold in China at an entry-level price point of just 199 yuan, or about 30 bucks based on the current going rate. Yes. You read that right. A 30 dollars officially license remote control car. Believe it.

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny

Finally, the RC Jimny is NOT the be-all and end-all. Xiaomi is also offering over 200 upgrade options, including luggage rack, off road tires and more, let you mod the car like you would in real life. Absolutely bonkers (in a good way!).

If you like off-roading, this RC car makes for a cheap way to satisfy your craving during this little time – including any car enthusiasts’ innate desire to mod cars. Unfortunately though, it is a China-only product for now. However, you can also engage buy-for-me services to get your hands on one.

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Suzuki Jimny

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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