You could consider a 3D printer as one of those life’s extras. Something you probably don’t need, well, that’s until you know that it could be used to print out awesome and probably the world’s coolest showerhead, like this 3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head. The best part is, you can have an identical (or as many as you want, really) T-Rex showerhead right there and now without dropping a single penny as long as you have a 3D printer and the required material, such as PLA. All you have to do is download the model’s Thing files from Thingiverse and print it.

3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head

Available in two versions to cater to both narrow and wide stream lovers. Fits on any standard 1/2″ shower head pipe. Pro tip: you can even make it swivel if you want to by acquiring a shower head swivel ball join. This 3D Printed T-Rex Showerhead is probably more exciting then printing guns (no. We’re lying, but it is as close) and begs the question: what else 3D printer can’t print? As 3D printer development progresses, the answer could be: everything. Now, if only someone could create a file of T-Rex legs to suit our cheap Ikea stools…

3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head

3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head

Thingiverse via Geekologie

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