Remember the officially licensed Mercedes-AMG One Technic-style building set from Chinese brick-built toy maker CaDA that I was so excited about? Well, we have good news. It has finally available to order but the price may have doused any of my excitement.

AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set

The AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One has a list price of a cool 2,999 yuan or about 410 USD. However, for a limited time, it has an introductory sticker of 1,899 yuan (around US$260) which is still pretty steep for my very unhealthy bank account.

But it may be worth it because it looks goddamn good. Plus, the CaDA Master Series 1:8 Mercedes-AMG One [CH] is a unique set as it is a three-way officially licensed set. It is officially licensed by Germany-based Bruno Jenson (@brunojj1) who is the designer of the set, Mercedes-AMG, as well as tires manufacturer Michelin. I don’t believe we have seen any officially licensed tires on brick-built sets before. I could be wrong.

The set uses 3,295 elements to let you recreate the road-legal F1 car, complete with LED light-up headlights and taillights, remote-opening butterfly doors and deployable rear spoiler, custom Michelin tires, and 10-spoke chrome silver wheels, realistic disc brakes with brake calipers, and a replica of the MGUK/electric motor and V6 engine with moving pistons.

AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set

Obviously, it is not powered by an actual V6 but it does realize the same dual-motor setup through two L motors, complete with a power gearbox that allows the model to replicate the launch control function. The drivetrain also includes a center differential that allows the model 3 drive modes: front, rear, and all-wheel-drive.

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The model further features a replica of the Mercedes-AMG One chassis, including realistic F1 push-rod suspension with functional coilover shock absorbers. In addition to the Michelin-licensed tires and wheels, the model also includes a bunch of specially molded parts, including the signature roof-mounted air scoop and center shark fin that runs the length of the car from the roof.

Moreover, it has zero decals; every part that needs to have a graphic or image is printed, including the AMG branding on the grill, the instrument panel, the display plaque with the car info, and more.

AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set

When completed, the AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One measures 55 cm long, 22 cm wide, and 16 cm tall. It will come with a presentation manual with details of the Mercedes-AMG One and the design philosophy of the model.

From now until August 21, 2023 (China Time), CaDA is taking pre-orders for the AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One on its official store on Tmall for the aforementioned 1,899 yuan (about US$260). Pre-orders in China will come with a free exclusive display case.

AMG x CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set

Images: Weibo (@咔搭CaDA/@725toys)

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