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Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX: is it a netbook or laptop or?

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX main 544x408px
(image credit: Motorola) Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX | about US$500.00 |

Motorola ATRIX 4G is said to be the world’s most powerful smartphone and winner of multiple awards at the CES 2011. that said, we believe most of us are already aware of its features and specifications. however, we are not focusing on ATRIX 4G handset, instead we are looking at its WEBTOP functionality, specifically the accessory that extends the power of this smartphone, so to speak. the accessory in focus is the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX which, as the name suggests, is a netbook (sort of) but strange as it is, the lapdock runs off the processing power from the ATRIX 4G smartphone. the lapdock has a full keyboard and a trackpad just like a full-fledge netbook.

when the ATRIX is docked to the lapdock, user can access the full ATRIX 4G smartphone functions right from the lapdock, plus a few other features such as desktop Firefox browser, File Manager and Facebook client etc cetera. there’s also a Entertainment Center where user can listen to the music and video that’s on their ATRIX 4G. the lapdock comes with a built-in battery, which also charges the ARTIX 4G when it is docked. the dock itself also comes with charging cable, but it will still charges the ATRIX even the dock isn’t hooked up – provided that the lapdock has enough juice for the task. interesting, though this isn’t a full-fledge netbook but it aims to provide a bigger screen estate for user to work on while they are on the move.

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX main2 544x388px
(image credit: Motorola)

with the cloud computing gaining popularity, i guess your laptop might only need a browser to get most of your work done, hence the ATRIX 4G and lapdock combo could be a viable solution for mobile busy bees. the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX retails about $500, not exactly cheap as you could have easily get a netbook for that price. however, this combo might saves yourself the trouble of tethering.

wireless PC monitor could be a reality sooner than we think

Fujitsu concept Wireless PC Monitor 544x311px
(image credit: Gizmag)

we have progressed from wireless mouse, keyboard and soon, PC monitors could be joining the rank of wireless devices sitting on your desk. well, at least Fujitsu shows that it can be done. when we said wireless means, it is completely void of cables and that’s including the power cable. this 22-inch PC monitor draws its power via magnetic induction transmitter that’s built into the desk or whichever furniture your wireless monitor will seat on, while a wireless USB enables images to be transmitted to the monitor from a PC.

this is certainly an exciting news and this could means further reduction of clutter around my desk, super. you have no idea how wires and cables can drive me up the wall. lucky for us, this will not be just a concept as Fujitsu has plans to introduce its first models of LED-backlit display range that incorporates this wireless technology within the next year. awesome.

via Gizmag

limited edition gold Motorola XOOM celebrates Academy Awards

Limited Edition Gold Motorola XOOM 544x368px
(image credit: Motorola)

among the glitz and glamour of last week’s 83rd Academy Award, there was something that was equally dazzling which most of us don’t realized. Motorola is not usually the name to be associated with Hollywood’s most glamourous event of the year but this year Motorola has a very special gift in the form of a limited edition gold Motorola XOOM complete with a custom leather envelope case, for a group of exclusive stars. yeah, that’s right. this year’s host and top nominees, who probably are too rich to care less about a tablet, walked away with this very limited edition gold tablet. damn. aren’t they are lucky?

in case you are wondering, who are those lucky nominees, they are the hosts and the nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director, which i believe, you guys already knew who they were. kind of like a congratulatory prize for being nominated (and bonus to those who have been awarded) but i am pretty sure, the value (of the tablet) weren’t even a fraction of the cost of their wardrobes. nevertheless, it was a befitting gift for the nominees as the XOOM was also a multiple award winner itself, which has bagged a total of eight awards, including the coveted CNET “Best of the Show” at the CES 2011.

Space Debris Collector is the zero-gravity garbage collector

Space Debris Collector main 544x368px
(image credit: Vaughan Ling)

100 years ago, when human glanced up the night sky, what we saw are purely stars (unless you count the possibility of UFOs lingering around). fast forward to 2011, when glance up at the gorgeous night sky, what we see might not be just stars. they could be reflection of garbages in space. no joke. it might just be very real and these ‘garbages’ could be the results of decommissioned or abandoned satellites, rocket parts jettison off from some mission and among many other sources. we are not excluding the possibility of some litter bug aliens too… nah, we are just kidding. anyway, over the years, we have accumulated much junks in the space and one day our spaceships might be dodging junks more than meteorites. in short, it could threaten Richard Branson’s dream space tourism, assuming we could get that far. Continue reading Space Debris Collector is the zero-gravity garbage collector

Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Sippy Sure main 544x448px
(image credit: Sippy Sure) Sippy Sure – The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup | US$8.99 |

i would imagine one of the most stressful thing about caring for a child is feeding him or her medicine when required (aside from the endless food fight engaged daily). i don’t have a child of my own to quantify this but judging from my sister’s experience with her daughter, i would think an invention like Sippy Sure would definitely helps to ease the process of giving medicine to the children. made out of high impact FDA food grade plastic, Sippy Sure is BPA free and dishwasher safe too. Continue reading Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

BOOQPAD case for iPad 2 comes with 50-sheet A5 pad

BOOQPAD iPad Agenda for iPad 2 544x368px
(image credit: BOOQ) BOOQPAD iPad Agenda for iPad 2 | from US$49.95 |

BOOQ is quick to introduce its new line of cases for iPad 2, dubbed the BOOQPAD iPad Agenda. BOOQPAD is unlike any other cases out in the market. it combines the goodness of digital technology and traditional writing materials by including a 50-sheet A5 notepad next to your iPad 2. besides having access to the iPad 2 standard ports and slots, the case also sports slots for a pen or stylus, your business cards (and your clients’) and also an inner slot to stash your tickets or bills. BOOQPAD is available in variety of colors and materials, including an item in luxurious NAPPA leather for the added executive look. creative heads would be left out in the cold, BOOQPAD also offers “cool notepad refills designed for creative pros” and to top it up, this case is designed for both right and left-handed use. i bet you won’t find this item in your favorite Left-hand shop but you can order them via BOOQ webstore. prices for the BOOQPAD for iPad 2 starts from $49.95.

images horizontal 544x38px

BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather views 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda - Nappa leather 700x580px BOOQPAD iPad Agenda for iPad 2 700x580px

Clear29 LED skateboard lets you downhill skate in the dark

Flexdex Clear29 LT LED Skateboard 544x388px
(image credit: Flexdex) Flexdex Clear29 LT LED Skateboard | US$199.95 |

shaped in the form of the downhill skateboard, the Clear29 LT longboard LED skateboard is based on Flexdex original polycarbonate “clear as glass” skate deck design but with LED lights fitted. clear as glass meaning that rider can watch the asphalt beneath zoom past as the rider hit the road, however, we warn against being mesmerized by the beauty of the asphalt road. thus keeping your vision in the direction of travel would be a better idea. Continue reading Clear29 LED skateboard lets you downhill skate in the dark

new ‘Frozen Smoke’ may enable higher capacity batteries

UCF Frozen Smoke also known as aerogel main 544x306px
(credit: screenshot from UCF video by mike) the new material multiwalled carbon nanotube aerogel, nicknamed ‘Frozen Smoke’ developed by UCF

the next time when someone asked you for a smoke, don’t dismiss them immediately. they could meant to say ‘do you have batteries’. researchers from the University of Central Florida have engineered the world’s lightest carbon material which could be used to detect pollutants and toxic substances. additionally, due to its flexibility and sensitivity, the carbon nanotubes could be used in robotic application to induce ‘feelings’ to the robot’s fingers or hands, enabling them to handle anything from a power saw to holding a packet of crackers without crushing them.

the new carbon material belongs to the family of lightest solid known to man, commonly termed as the “frozen smoke”, or also known by its technical name, aerogel. the researchers created a multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) aerogel which are so small that each of them is several thousands time thinner than a strand of human hair. in MWCNT, nanotube takes the place of silica, a major component in sand, which increases the materials’ practical application. another property of the nanotubes is its large surface area which means great amount of energy could be stored in the aerogel, thus increasing the capacity of lithium batteries or supercapacitors.

aside from energy storage and pressure sensitivity applications, the MWCNT can be developed to undertake sensing roles. taking advantage of its larger surface area, combining with improved electrical conductivity enables the development of sensor that is capable of screening for toxins in food or water supply. similarly, this technique can be used to develop equipment capable of detecting traces of explosive. in essence, this invention is a significant milestone for the researchers and its development could open up to new areas of explorations and applications.

having said that, we are excited about this development as it could realize two of our many dreams for this world: one, a longer lasting battery that people like Steve Jobs could use and two, robotic arms (or even feet) that has ability to sense or feel which could lead to the development of a humanoid that will eventually take over the world. nah. we are just kidding (about the taking over the world part).

UCF Frozen Smoke also known as aerogel thumb 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from UCF video by mike) the multiwalled carbon nanotube aerogel looks a burnt foam rubber but trust me, it is more than that

University of Central Florida via Inhabitat

Bentley lifestyle products include iPad and smartphone cases

Bentley iPad and Smartphone cases 544x388px
(image credit: Bentley) Bentley iPad and Smartphone cases | from £45.00 |

it’s a norm for luxury automotive brand to move into lifestyle products to capture the heart and mind of their target consumers. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and among the many others have been doing it and now, Bentley is entering the game with a few leather products that are made from the same hide that are used in Bentley cars. the company that does Bentley’s leather interior is none other than Ettinger, a company that has been hand-crafting leather pieces for the last 70 years. Continue reading Bentley lifestyle products include iPad and smartphone cases

game of luxury: Swarovski crystals studded Kinect

Microsoft Kinect-Kylie Minogue Swarovski Crystals Studded Kinect 544x288px
(image credit: Microsoft CZ) Swarovski studded Kinect | about €899.00 |

there are nothing in common between Australia pop diva Kylie Minogue and Microsoft Kinect, until now. so is Kylie going to do a Kinect dance on her tour? nope! as part of her tour “Aphrodite Les Folies”, Kylie will making 35 appearances in 15 European countries, including Czech Republic. the stop over at Czech Republic was unlike any other concert, as Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect will spiced up this particular event with fifteen Xbox 360 and Kinect gaming stands. in this stop, fans had the opportunity to dance to the tune of Kylie’s hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” featured in the video game ‘Kinect Dance Central’. Continue reading game of luxury: Swarovski crystals studded Kinect