Most – if not all smartwatches – look like, well, regular wristwatches. Occasionally, you do find one or two that try to break the convention. Even then none of them is quite like the Blacktime Celestial 11PM Smartwatch. Even the name itself hints that it isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill smart timepiece.

Blacktime Celestial 11PM Dual 3D AMOLED Smartwatch

The Blacktime Celestial 11PM is truly the first of its kind because it has not one but two displays. And they are not just any old displays; they are domed 3D AMOLED screens that offer a holographic-like visual effect.

Blacktime Celestial 11PM looks like it is from the MB&F range if MB&F made smartwatches. But why two screens? Well because it can and also why the hell not? The two screens can be used to display time and another function, split hours and minutes between the two displays, and more.

Blacktime Celestial 11PM Dual 3D AMOLED Smartwatch

In short, it is refreshing and less boring. Not a lot is known at this point. However, we read that it will have options for touchscreen and button controls. Depending on the models, it may be a rocking ceramic dial, a stainless steel case, and paired with a band that is a fusion of rubber, fiber, and adjustable butterfly deployant.

Like most good smartwatches, it will be able to measure blood-oxygen levels, monitor heart rate, track sleep, and more. And it can do that up for to 10 days without charging.

Blacktime Celestial 11PM Dual 3D AMOLED Smartwatch

Finally, there’s a proprietary smart app that boasts comprehensive health and fitness trackers.

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Blacktime Celestial 11PM is set to be crowdfunded on Indiegogo. However, exactly when and for how much, we do not know. Meanwhile, you can get yourself signed up on its website or on its landing page on Indiegogo to be notified when the campaign goes live.

Images: Blacktime.

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