Privacy and digital security are worrisome today – especially with a device like a smartphone which we rely on Sure, there are so-called Android-based secured smartphones, such as the Sirin Labs Solarin Military-grade Super Smartphone, Turing Phone and Cyberphone, but if you are truly obsessed about privacy and safeguarding your digital data, you probably have to turn this phone: Blok On Blok.

Blok On Blok or BOB is a smartphone developed by blockchain company Pundi X. Blok On Blok promised privacy and digital security through blockchain technology, or more specifically, the Function X blockchain ecosystem. Function X ensures all data in the phone stays in the phone. In other words, whatever service provider you are using have none of it and that includes, apparently, calls and text messages.

Blok On Blok Blockchain-powered Smartphone

Security aside, BOB is an unusual-looking smartphone, but owing to its modular design, you will have the liberty to customize the physical appearance to your liking. And yes, you can actually assemble and build your own unique BOB which is kind of refreshing. Granted, the example you see here is not for everyone, but yours truly am kind of enamored by its blocky, movie prop-like look.

Another interesting feature is, Blok On Block allows you to switch between blockchain mode and Android mode seamlessly. When on Android model, it functions like, well, an Android-powered device. However, details on how these two platforms coexist without “leaking” data between them are not known.

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According to a report, Pundi X will be selling just 5,000 units at $599 a pop and it will be offered through crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The company made the announcement at the recently concluded IFA in Berlin. Again, we find no link to the official text. In the meantime, you can learn more about BOB HERE.

Blok On Blok Blockchain-powered Smartphone

Images: Pundi X.

Source: The NEWS Minute via Luxury Launches.

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