We have seen a couple of automobile-cobranded smartwatches. But not many automakers can claim to have a smartwatch of their own. Bugatti is one such automaker. And it even has a dedicated website for it. Folks, meet the new Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition, the second smartwatch from Bugatti.

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA Smartwatch

Produced in partnership with VIITA, Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition is the world’s only smartwatch to be constructed with a full carbon fiber housing. The watch is finished with highlights of blue shading and the carbon fiber elements are milled from one solid block. It is a striking smart timepiece that is sporty and classy.

It does what most smartwatches do. It pushed notifications from your smartphone, tracks sleep, monitors heart rate, tracks fitness and activities, and more. On the spec sheet, Bugatti did not say what OS is running on and what chip it uses. But if you are looking at the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition you are probably super rich and do not care about those details.

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA Smartwatch

However, do know some of the specifications. For example, we know that it has an AMOLED sapphire glass touch display with 390 x 390 pixels resolution and 16.7 million colors, and it is outfitted 540 mAh battery good for up to 12 days of use before needing to recharge, or 2-3 in always-on mode.

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We also know that it has a bunch of sensors, including a 6-axis combined accelerometer, gyroscope, photoplethysmography (dual sensor technology), vibration motor, and GPS/Galileo/GLONASS. The dual sensor technology, in particular, allows the watch to monitor heart rate in all situations.

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA Smartwatch

Other details include a 46 mm case diameter, Bluetooth 5.2, titanium grade 2 case back, water resistance to 100 meters (10 ATM), and it comes supplied with a super cool Bugatti logo charging puck, and a gray silicone/nylon strap and a black silicone strap.

The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA has a limited run of 2,500 pieces worldwide. A limited run of 500 pieces, the first 500 pieces have shipped in December 2022 and another 500 pieces destined for January deliveries have been spoken for. This means it is still available. So, I guess it is good news?

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA Smartwatch

Bugatti Smartwatches is taking pre-orders for the February 2023 batch. The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition sells for US$2,799.

Images: Bugatti.

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