Bushnell Mountaineer 10″ Boots

Bushnell Footwear Mountaineer 10" Boots - Men
(photos: Bushnell) Bushnell Mountaineer 10″ Boots | US$139.99 | www.bushnellfootwear.com

whether you have an undying love for hunting or just adore bashing through the bushes for fun, you will need a trusty pair of footwear that’s tough, impenetrable by water, and at the same time, allowing your feet to breathe while you are doing what you love in the great outdoor. for that you will need something like the Bushnell Mountaineer 10″ Boots – a pair of full featured boots with the look that would fit any self-respected hunter. crafted from cutting edge materials and features ScentMask Odor Elimination, HydroGuard and Breathe Right, 900 Denier DWR Nylon Realtree AP, Dual Density Heel Cushioning System, Anti-slip rubber sole, heat zone removable insole system and camo wrap EVA mid sole. a slight touch of bright orange accents the heels, making sure that you won’t look too much like a soldier. available for men size 7 up to 13 and women size 5 up to 10, the Bushnell Mountaineer 10″ Boots cost $119.99 a pair for women’s model, while men’s model will set you back at $139.99 a pair. hit the jump for a closer at both the men and the women models.

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