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Bader USB flash drives take on the form of airline tail fins

Bader Models USB Flash Drive 544x311px
(image credit: Bader models) Bader USB Flash Drive | from US$53.00 |

just having a flash drive can be so unappealing and lacks individuality, hence we spiced up the usually monotonous USB drive by disguising them in sushi, cartoon characters and now, for the airline fanatics, the airline tail fins from Bader Models, complete with a host of airline logos to choose from – including the defunct PanAm airline and some even spot a tail fin-mounted jet engine with it. sweet. prices for the Bader models USB flash drives starts from $53 for 4 GB capacity to $120 for the 32 GB item.


CompuLab Trim-Slice PC is no bigger than a bunch of keys

CompuLab Trim Slice img1 544x311px
(image credit: CompuLab/Trim-Slice) CompuLab Trim-Slice miniature PC | US$tbc |

being a computer enthusiast who have been building my own PC, i have never imagined PC could get this small. as you can witness from the image above, this miniature PC from Israel firm, CompuLab, is not bigger than a bunch keys. no kidding. dubbed the Trim-Slice, this nViDia Tegra 2 processing platform PC is touted to provide rich multimedia capabilities and user experience of a full-size PC but drawing a fraction of the power of the full-size PC counterpart.

at a glance, the Trim-Slice might be easily be mistaken for an USB hub. measuring a petite 130 x 95 x 15-mm, the fanless Trim-Slice is not lacking in features and power. housed in this nickel-plated metal enclosure is a 1GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor with an ultra-low power HD GeForce graphics within. other specs include 1 GB DD2 RAM, a 64-GB Solid State Drive (SSD) and micro-SD and SD card slots.

connectivity includes USB 2.0 ports, an USB device port, a serial port, HDMI-out, dual head DVI, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless connectivity. aside form the standard line-in and audio-out jacks, it also spots a S/PDIF out for 5.1 channel digital audio output. as for the operating system, nothing has been announced at this point.

Trim-Slice is slated for release in April, but no words on its retail price as yet. on the aesthetic front, we certainly don’t expect much from a PC this small. at this rate of PC miniaturizing, i suspect we will soon hear this: “Mum, have you seen my PC?”

images horizontal 544x38px

CompuLab Trim Slice - front 600x337px CompuLab Trim Slice - back 600x337px CompuLab Trim Slice img3 600x237px

via Gizmag

up or down? an USB plug that works both ways

Ma Yi Xuan Double USB img1 544x311px
how many times have we curse silently when we get the direction of the USB plug wrongly? i have met with countless of such incidents and i wonder why the USB interface has to be directional-sensitive? the frustration adds up when the USB ports are located behind like on a standard CPU and iMac. lucky for us, designer Ma Yi Xuan has a concept called the Double USB which could solve our misery of plugging in the wrong side. need i say more? i hope manufacturers will take heed, start making the Double USB and saves us a few seconds of our life each time we plug it in.

via Yanko Design

ultra-industrial is what Hammerhead PC case mod is

DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 img1 544px
(image credit: DARWINmachine) The Hammerhead HMR989 PC | US$2,899.00 |

this hand-built Hammerhead PC by DARWINmachine is probably the coolest, ultra-industrial PC we have ever seen. we just went gaga, stunned and speechless when we first lay our eyes on it. suddenly, time went on a stand still and for those moments, the specs of this beautiful machine doesn’t seem to matter. the openness of the PC resulted in some innards being turned inside out, showing, in full glory, the nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card and the Kingston 750W modular power supply, for examples.

the chassis is hand-built from blue CNC brushed, anodized aluminum frame and supermatte white Ecoresin. on the specs end, the Hammerhead HMR98902 comes with 2.8 GHz Intel i7-860 processor, coupled with 4 GB of RAM, a 40 GB Intel Solid State Drive (SSD), a 640 GB front-loaded “hot swappable” hard drive, a nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card, a optical CD/DVD drive and power comes from a Kingston 750W modular power supply. it also have an extra hot-swap tray for a second hard drive, for those who has an insatiable appetite for storage space. the HMR98902 comes preloaded with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

the Hammerhead PC is a made-to-order system which requires two weeks to get your order out to you and cost $2,899. at the time of this posting, the HMR98902 is sold out but fret not, you still have the HMR98903 and HMR98904 in black brushed anodized and Quattro Carbon Trim, respectively. before you head on and grab yourself one of these awesome machines, why not check out more photos of the HMR98902 to further tempt yourself?

images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - side view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - front angled view 600px
images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered front angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered side view 600px


LaCie GALET is a luxurious-chic USB flash drive

LaCie Christofle Galet main 544x311
(image credit: LaCie) LaCie Christofle Galet USB Flash Drive | US$130.00 |

LaCie is not stranger in combining tech with design. new from LaCie is this luxury USB flash drive designed in collaboration with Christofle. measuring 39-mm in diameter, this pebble-shaped USB flash drive is silver plated with Christofle’s more than 180-years of in-depth knowledge in silver-plating process. the 4 GB USB is equipped with speedy USB 3.0 technology, while still has backward compability with both USB 2.0 and 1.1. it even comes with a keychain strap, giving you an option to double-up the USB flash drive as a keychain. Continue reading LaCie GALET is a luxurious-chic USB flash drive

Moneual Lab desktop PC has a LCD fused to its chassis

Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC 544px
(image credit: Moneual Lab) Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC | approximately US$1,500.00 |

there are gadgets out in the market that prompts us to ask “do we really need that?” the Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC or DSPC is probably one of those gadgets. the DSPC has something no other PC in the market has: a secondary LCD display fused to the front of the chassis. no details were given at this stage other than it will cost around $1,500 which is not exactly cheap. from the photos, it appears that the secondary screen is more for widgets display which reminisces the Dell XPS420’s mini display, albeit being much larger. do we really need another display? or do we really need a display that’s fused to the chassis for that matter? if i chose to place my PC on the floor, wouldn’t it render the secondary display useless?

practicality aside, the design is nevertheless, nice. i like the silver face with the easy access to the jacks, ports and of course, the slot-in drive. anyway, is it me or did anyone see a little elongation of the widgets in the photo?

via Oh Gizmo!

improved 2nd generation Microsoft Surface went on a diet

Microsoft Surface 2.0 product image 544px
(image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft Surface 2.0 | US$7,600.00 |

we all know there’s no way Microsoft was going let itself left out from the biggest electronics show on earth. in the the recent CES 2011, held in Las Vegas, Microsoft unveiled its next generation touchscreen table, simply known as Surface 2.0. the most notable features of the Surface 2.0 is its ability to scan documents that are placed on its surface and of course, a much sleeker, slimmer figure of about 10-cm of thickness (4-inches).

the touchscreen hardware is by the way of the Samsung SUR40 and needless to say, software is based on Windows 7. the built-in infrared sensors in the screen are capable of processing input from up to 52 touches simultaneously, allowing a whole bunch of people to poke on it at the same time. as with its predecessor, the Surface 2.0 is designed with businesses in mind but if you have a fetish for everything touchscreen, including your table, you probably can get it later this year via Samsung at a price of $7,600.

images bar 150x67 Microsoft Surface 2.0 action shot img1 523px Microsoft Surface 2.0 action shot img2 523px Microsoft Surface 2.0 action shot img3 523px
images bar 150x67 Microsoft Surface 2.0 action shot img4 523px Microsoft Surface 2.0 action shot img5 523px

are these leaked images of the rumored iPad 2?

Leaked iPad images img1 544px
(image credit: M.I.C. Gadget)

if you haven’t seen or heard, there were some ‘leaked images’ of the rumored iPad 2 circulating around the net. it appeared to be some ‘mockup’ images rather than real images but then again, mockup or real model it is sure looking good. the supposedly 2nd generation iPad will spot a flat back therefore, we users won’t have to suffer with wobbly wobble like the first generation iPad. we secretly wish the next iteration will have high-res IPS panel that will support full HD.

meanwhile, regardless of real of bluff, here are some images for your to savor.

images bar 150x67 Leaked iPad images img2 544px Leaked iPad images img3 544px Leaked iPad images img4 544px

via M.I.C.Gadget

experimental Life Twitter automatically tweets your every move

Life Twitter 544px
(image credit: Damian Koh/CNET Asia)

we all know social network is here to stay and how it has changed the way we socialized and share information with our family and friends. oddly, we have the fetish to share our thoughts over social network by the means of Facebook and Twitter, for examples. what if you can share what you are doing without even logging in and tweet about it? that is what researchers Kan Taiwei and Teng Chinhung from the National Taiwan University and Yuan Ze University, respectively, have in mind.

the idea is to have variety of sensors embedded in your mug, pillow, light switches et cetera and these sensors, detects what you do and sends your action to your computer via XBee, a wireless communication device, which would in turn tweet the corresponding action on Twitter. then again, why would i want everyone to know my every movement? i have never thought of that. did you? imagine the whole world knows that you had just hit the sack or just off the lights. it feel kind of strange and i would certainly feel ‘exposed’. anyway, would anyone want to know such trivia matters to begin with? perhaps, if you happened to have a stalker – then he or she would be delighted to know your every move.

in anyway, that’s just an experimental idea being showcased at the recent computer graphics and animation conference Siggraph Asia in Seoul, South Korea. concepts are just dreams, which might not even come true. just imagine the logistic requires to embed those sensors, besides, they have got to be small enough and yet capable of sending signal over WiFi. letting everyone knows, even the most trivia matters, might expose ourselves to identity theft and encourage people to monitor your every move (aka stalking), thus knowing your habits and routine. i am not quite sure if i want that. do you?

below is a comic-relief on our take of the experimental Life Twitter topic… enjoy!

Life Twitter comic by Mike Chua 544px


Gresso gives the iPad African Blackwood and a 18K gold Apple logo

iPad Gresso img1 544px
(image credit: Gresso) iPad Gresso | US$tbc |

millions of iPad are not the streets now, time to differentiate yours from the rest of the pack. Gresso, the maker of luxury mobile phone, announces the iPad Gresso, a designer modify iPad framed in the 200-year-old African Blackwood and topped up with a 18K gold Apple logo. how’s that for a luxurious iPad?

the dark nature of the African Blackwood with a subtle touch of 18K logo gives the iPad Gresso a luxurious, and yet classy feel as opposed to all-out diamond or gold item. it is said that the African Blackwood or Mpingo is the most valuable tree in the world, which hinted that this is not for common folks in terms of price.

iPad Gresso will go on sale on New Year’s eve, however there’s no words on the pricing.

iPad Gresso img2 544px

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