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a tissue box in the form of an iconic factory design

Smoke Tissue Case img1 544px
(image credit: Je Sung Park/W-Works)

factory packed tissue box can be such a dork. we put on some form of case or cover over them in an attempt to beautify them and also, to stop advertising its brand in our homes. however what we do to cover it up, it is after all, oblong in shape but here’s a tissue case that changes the dull shape into one that is funky and recognizable to all of us. i would say it’s iconic, in a way.

designed by Je Sung Park for Weekend Works, this tissue box, dubbed the Smoke Tissue Case, takes on the form of a familiar icon of a factory. you know? those series of one-sided angular roof? awesome idea and design. we have the penchant for nice and unique design, needless to say, we love this.

tissues are dispensed via the top, which reminiscent of smoke spilling out from the factory. white tissue may not be as realistic, so time to find some grey or black tissues to add to the realism of what industrialization has been spitting out. they are stackable too – and if you managed to get enough of them, you could create an art wall. sweet.

images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case img2 544px Smoke Tissue Case img3 544px Smoke Tissue Case img7 544px
images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case Discovered in Amazon 544px Smoke Tissue Case Drowning Polar Bears 544px Smoke Tissue Case China's the World Factory 544px

via Yanko Design

warming up with Bullerjan furnace that looks like a V8 engine

Bullerjan Furnace Design 544px
(image credit: Bullerjan) Bullerjan Furnace | from US$2,000.00 |

we never thought wood burning hot air furnace still exists, not to mention it could look so good. the Bullerjan Furnace has eight pipes on each of the top and the bottom sides, which reminiscent of a V8 engine. the bottom eight pipes draw in cold air, while the eight pipes on the top throws out hot air, giving you the warm for this cold winter season. the Bullerjan is also known as Free Flow hot air furnace, was reportedly developed by Canadian lumberjacks.

hot air and the apparent similarity to a V8 engine aside, the Bullerjan is available in six capacity sizes ranging from 6 to 45 kW and has accessory, in the form of enclosure, to go with it. though it looks awesomely cool, and probably complements the V8 muscle car in your garage, i won’t be needing this anytime of the year. sad. do they have one that generates cold air instead?

images bar 150x67 Bullerjan Furnace Classic 544px Bullerjan Furnace Stone 544px Bullerjan Furnace Industry 544px

via Core77

a wardrobe that kills virus, remove odors and wrinkles in one step

LG TROMM Styler img1 544px
(image credit: LG Electronics) LG TROMM Styler | approx. ₩1.9 million |

everything seems to go a little too ‘high-tech’ these days, even the wardrobe isn’t spared from the ‘high-tech’ treatment. the TROMM Styler is a ‘wardrobe’ of the future that removes wrinkles (aka irons) and odors by steaming. this steaming process also sterilizes and dries the clothes hanged in the TROMM Styler.

the TROMM Styler was showcased in IFA 2009 as a concept and will be available in Korea. we are not too sure when is ‘next year’ though. was it 2011 or 2012? in anyway, the TROMM Styler, which will cost around 1.9 million won (approximately US$1,687), will certain to make you humble abode looks a little more futuristic.

we just hope if this took off eventually, they will have more option for the front face. perhaps, a bamboo clad facade for the Styler? or maybe a bigger Styler or sliding doors for the space constraint apartments? well, that’s just a thought.

images bar 150x67 LG TROMM Styler img2 544px LG TROMM Styler img3 544px LG TROMM Styler img4 544px

via Akihabara News

the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though

Michael Tompert's book burning 544px
(image credit: Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild)

Apple products are beautiful and functional, and it turns so even they were being thrashed unforgivably. surprise? when an iOS device was being shot at, blow-torched, sledge-hammered or ran over by train, it became a piece of art. it may sound ‘sadistic’ to Apple fans but this was exactly what artist Michael Tompert of San Francisco did. Continue reading the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though

2012? not to worry when you have The Ark floating dwelling

Remistudio ARK img1 544px
(image credit: Remistudio)

the idea of self-sustaining, floating dwelling is nothing new but the Ark floating dwelling is conceptually impressive, at least on the design front. if the myth on 2012 is true, then this concept might just be able to keep us alive. designed to be self-sustaining, the shape of the Ark allows convenient installation of photovoltaic cells to take advantage of the solar energy and the is capable of drawing warm air, gathers them in seasonal heat accumulators to provide continuous energy supply to the building.

if this becomes a reality, i suspect that it will be reserved for the super rich. you know how it is. pay a tidy sum for those just-in-case situation. however it is, on one end we are trying to conserve our natural resources, protecting the Mother Earth and on the other end, we could prepare ourselves for the worst with such Ark. hmm, an Ark huh? what an appropriate name… i guess we earthlings just got ourselves covered pretty good.

images bar 150x67 Remistudio ARK img2 544px Remistudio ARK img3 544px Remistudio ARK img5 544px
images bar 150x67 Remistudio ARK img6 544px Remistudio ARK img7 544px Remistudio ARK img8 544px
images bar 150x67 Remistudio ARK img9 544px Remistudio ARK img10 544px Remistudio ARK img11 544px

via Inhabitat

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat is strong and light, and looks cool

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat | US$279.00 |

carbon fiber has a wide range of applications. being light and strong it is extensively used in race cars and most notably, in the concept Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. however, we are not going there today (the car department)… now you can add that little strength to your bathroom in the form of the Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat. believe it. for $279 you can seat on a lightweight and yet strong material, for whatever the reasons you need light and strong material underneath your butt…

this item would probably go into the category of “things-you-buy-when-you-already-have-everything-else”. perhaps, if you are in this category, the $279 price tag probably isn’t going to be a issue. oh, make sure you have a matching black toilet bowl to go with it. we figured that it will look pretty ridiculous on a white or pink item.


LEGO-style sockets let you expand your sockets as you desire

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img1 544px
being a gadget-geek, sockets are part of my life. i use the Belkin Concealed Surged-protectors to get the job done but there are two issues that always bugged me. firstly, the shape of plugs which sometime hinders other plugs from using the next socket. secondly, sometime i have more sockets than i actually requires which takes up unnecessary space. then again, what if i need more sockets but it ran out? it’s a chore and cost extra money to get another multi-outlet with more sockets in it.

looks like designers Cheng-Hsiu Du & Chyun-Chau Lin has a solution to solve the aforementioned issues that i have: a Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket. it is modular, meaning that additional socket modules can be added if more are needed, or removed if not required. keeping things neat and tidy. aside from being modular, the individual sockets are rotatable to different angle, allowing odd-sized or bulky plugs to fit in without being hindered by its neighboring plugs.

the sockets are between two stand bases which also ‘streamline’ all the cable going out from the multi-outlet sockets, thus managing your cables. this is best practical concept so far and it is one concept that i hope to see productions. maybe a concealed variant could be even more ideal. i hate to see those black plugs sticking out.

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img2 544px

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img3 544px

via Yanko Design

Reading Ruler enables measurement even in darkness

Reading Ruler img1 544px
(image credit: Ho Sung-Woon & Woo Moo-Bum)

unlike the usual measuring tape that has graduations on the tape, the Reading Ruler doesn’t have them. designed by Ho Sung-Woon & Woo Moo-Bum, the Reading Ruler gives you the measurement in different units of measurement via a display on the tape measure itself.

you can even see the result in the dark. though i can’t phantom why we ever need to measure anything in the dark. maybe not in pitch dark condition but i will say, more likely for low light condition where you weren’t able to read off from a conventional tape measure clearly. strangely, we already have laser-aided measurement device to measure quite accurately for a variety of distances and this concept seems rather redundant. but the device itself is nice looking though.

Reading Ruler img2 544px(image credit: Ho Sung-Woon & Woo Moo-Bum)

via Yanko Design

weight, monitor and share your stats with WiFi bathroom scale

WiFi Bathroom Scales img2 544px
WiFi Bathroom Scale | £119.99 |

WiFi and sharing are not limited to just electronic gadgets and social network sites. they have come to bathroom scale in the form of WiFi Bathroom Scales. what an apt name that tells what it does, isn’t it? this isn’t your average bathroom scale. this tempered-glass and aluminum bathroom scale is a digital scale that comes with back-lit digital display screen.

and it don’t just stop there. the scale automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI (Body Mass Index) each time you weigh yourself. the scale then uses WiFi to send these informations to your computer or iPhone. alas, weighing has become much more complicated now that you can track the above mentioned results on a password protected website or from the free iPhone app. remember the sharing part? yea, you can even sync your results with Google Health or share them via email, Twitter or Facebook. that’s if you’re really proud of your stats. i probably won’t want to share my stats. i am too ashamed to do so.

though, i still can’t comprehend why should i be sharing my stats. nevertheless, welcome to the future of weighing. WiFi Bathroom Scales truly lets you see weighing in a different light. if you’re already stocked with the latest, technologically advanced gadgets and thinking about what’s next on the list. this could be it.

the Quadrotapult displays insane precision kinetic works [videos]

Bradley N. Litwin The Quadrotapult 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike from YouTube video)

self-taught multi-discipline artist, Bradley N. Litwin has crafted many mechanical arts and has received several honors for his amazing creations. it’s a work of art that requires a superbly good mechanical mind. don’t believe? just check out the precision the Quadrotapult has. it’s insanely precise and hypnotizing at the same time. i just couldn’t take my eyes off the video. Continue reading the Quadrotapult displays insane precision kinetic works [videos]