I know it is hard to believe that Chrysler doesn’t have an electric vehicle yet. But that changes with the Chrysler Airflow Concept, the marque’s conscientious effort to show that it is working on one.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Battery-electric Vehicle

In addition to showing off the Chrysler Airflow Concept at the recent CES 2022, Chrysler also revealed the plan for the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle by… 2025 and all-electric lineup by 2028. That’s a little late in the game and a little ambitious at the same time, don’t you think?

Anywho, Chrysler Airflow Concept is an electric crossover (basically, SUV) much like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and it is powered by front and rear electric motors that offer a total of 402 horsepower.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Battery-electric Vehicle

The drivetrain is paired to a 118 kWh battery system that has a claimed range of up to 400 miles (644 km) (!).

Like many of today’s EVs, this concept is loaded with fantasy tech. Wait. I mean, loaded with tech. These technologies include an all-digital cabin and Level 3 autonomous driving system called STLA AutoDrive which will also be upgradeable via over-the-air updates like its STLA Brain platform.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Battery-electric Vehicle

The Chrysler Airflow Concept is, well, a concept and does not necessarily mean that it will be the first BEV from the automaker which is still years from fruition.

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Anywho, in case you missed it, Fiat Chrysler Group, which owns Chrysler, has completed its merger with the PSA Group and is now known as Stellantis. Under the new Stellantis group, there are 14 different brands, including Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Peugeot, and Citroen.

Chrysler Airflow Concept Battery-electric Vehicle

Images: Chrysler.

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