Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool is NOT yet another multi-tool. It is rather unusual (in a good way, that is) as a multi-tool and as an everyday carry. Yes, it does cutting, screwing, prying. You know, the usuals. However, it has one more trick up its sleeve that most multi-tools failed to address: bolts and nuts.

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool

Sure, there are multi-tools with wrench function that can handle bolts and nuts but most of them, if not all, can deal with either one size or a limited fixed number of sizes, or does so in a not-so-ergonomic manner.

This brings us to the beauty of the Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool. It has an adjustable wrench that allows it to handle multiple sizes of bolts/nuts – over 20 sizes to be precise – and it has a form factor that makes it NOT awkward to use. It has (almost) a proper handle as a wrench should have, thus affording leverage when you needed it.

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool

Other features include a replaceable high-carbon steel blade, ceramic bead knife lock that keeps the blade in open or close as it should, crowbar function, bottle opener, and magnetic driving bit slot that fits 1/4” bits (bits not included).

All these features and functions are packed in a premium grade 5 titanium alloy construction with a ceramic stonewashed finish and tipping the scales at a featherweight 44g (1.55 ounces).

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool

As if the tool itself isn’t stylish enough, Pichi Design has come up with an authentic Australian leather holster that can purchase to carry the X2 in style.

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If you are sold, you may secure a unit from Kickstarter by making a pledge for a product for 113 Canadian dollars or more (about US$91 or more). The campaign is well over its funding goal, btw. This means, it is a go and if everything goes as planned, delivery should commence in June.

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool

Some words of advice, though. If you really want one, you ought to act on it fast as the campaign will end in about 3 days’ time.

Images: Pichi Design.

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