cool stuff: Parachute Hoodie by Remade in Switzerland

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(credit: Remade in Switzerland) Parachute Hoodie | US$tba |

we would not hesitate to use bags made out of recycled tarpaulin and washbags made out of fire hose but would you wear something that’s created out of air-brake parachutes? yes, we would if it is the Parachute Hoodie that’s loving recreated from “surplus Swiss military air-brake parachutes.” the hoodie are of a two tone design, a result of sewing to different colors of parachute together. the seams are held together by parachute tape, the zippers are Swiss too and the jersey cuffs are recycled from military balaclavas.
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sounds pretty kickass, isn’t it? well, if you haven’t notice, that’s one good reason that i am posting this (cos’ i think it is damn super cool). this super cool hoodie (some called it wind breaker or in this case, wind braker) is made in Switzerland by Remade in Switzerland (no kidding, that’s the company name). very apt, indeed. we all know how we love Swiss movement for time pieces and we equally fond of Swiss Army knife, and now we are loving this Swiss-made, or should i say Swiss-remade, Parachute Hoodie.

want one? you gotta wait it out as there are no words on its pricing and availability yet but do feel free to pop by their official website and check them out. somehow i have a feeling it won’t come cheap. oh, apparently, these hoodies have a limited run of just 100 pieces each (another reason to believe it won’t be cheap).

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Parachute Hoodie Men 544x311px
(credit: Remade in Switzerland) top: Parachute Hoodie for Women. above: Parachute Hoodie for Men

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