We heard good words on the largest Transformers toys, the HasLab Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron. It is big and it is almost cartoon accurate if not for the unnecessary large kibble on the back… and yeah, also the rather bland color scheme.

Custom Cel-shaded HasLab Transformers Unicron

Kudos for Hasbro for including the battle damaged face, but the color though… Hasbro could really learn a thing or two from Thailand-based toy customizer, LEK Custom Toys. Then again, if Hasbro were to do that level of color scheme, it will probably cost a grand.

LEK has done a bunch of cel-shaded Transformers toys and his latest and no doubt the biggest attempt is to turn the largest ever official Transformers toy into one that look like it has stepped straight out from a cartoon.

Custom Cel-shaded HasLab Transformers Unicron

You can see LEK doing his magic in the video below. Since the video, LEK has already progressed to covering Unicron’s torso in glorious cel-shaded paint job and like the head, it is a truly a sight to behold.

Go ahead and have a look. I also recommend hitting up LEK Custom Toys’ Facebook page and/or Instagram page as well for more of his works. Man, I just can’t get enough of them and if you are fan of G1 Transformers, I am pretty sure you do too.

Custom Cel-shaded HasLab Transformers Unicron
Custom Cel-shaded HasLab Transformers Unicron

Images: Facebook (LEK Custom Toys).

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