Breakfast, if you ever have time to enjoy it, is hardly consider fun for adults. Can you even imagine what it is like for kids? I am sure you can, but luckily, there’s a quite a few way to spice up your breakfast time, or that of your kids, and this DC Comics Batman Egg Cup and Toaster Cutter is one such way. If really think about it, egg cup is one of those things for Scrooge McDuckians who are of overly obsessed with table etiquette and hence, it is, in our humble opinion, totally optional. However, if you really have to have a receptacle to hold up an egg before shoving it down your throat, then this adorable egg cup should be right up your alley.

As you may have already figured out, this egg cup will turn an otherwise monotonous egg into a Batman figure, garbed in his traditional yellow accented dark grey and black getup, along with the requisite bat-cowl. Despite the lack of a cape, the result is lovely and it does looks a little like Humpty Dumpty is playing Batman for Halloween or something. While it may look like you have turned an egg into a plaything, it is hardly an action figure (obviously); there’s no articulation or anything of sort, but this eggy Dark Knight does come armed with a spoon for, well, digging the delicious content hidden within the brown egg shell and it also comes with a breakfast sidekick, a toaster cutter, that will cut your toast into Batman’s iconic bat logo for, you know, completeness sake.

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But wait… perhaps, it wasn’t mean to turn toasty bread into Bat logo at all; for all you know, it could be a ‘weapon’ called breadarang. At just $9.89 a pop, I am sure this egg-tastic official merchandise from DC Comics will knock out your silverware anytime.

Images: DC Comics.

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