Richie rich probably plays poker with playing cards coated in gold and dashes of real diamonds, but for everyone else who yearn for the luxurious feel from a deck of cards but lack of the disposal income, there’s the Diamonds Playing Cards by SiShou Playing Cards. Billed as the most luxurious playing cards, these custom decks feature diamond… inspired designs (we got you there, didn’t we?) that allows the cards to be playable and definitely won’t scratch like real gold would. Each deck boasts an intricate illustration based around the diamond theme and is printed by Legends Playing Card Co. with “casino-quality Diamond Finish.”

Diamonds Playing Cards by SiShou Playing Cards

Even the tuck box isn’t spared from the “luxurious” treatment, featuring intricate designs printed on high-quality casino-grade stock paper, embossed at certain areas that affords it a great texture, and last but not least, the print is enhanced with the use of metallic ink and silver foil to create the shimmering effect. On the inside, each card also gets its due gold and silver metallic ink treatment that will allow it to shine under lighting. But just how shiny it is, we do not know cos’ the product images (render, we supposed?) provided to us cannot be used as a good judge. But I supposed it would be much shinier than the standard deck on gross paper.

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If you are convinced that the Diamonds Playing Cards by SiShou Playing Cards is the luxury that’s missing in your cards collection, then you may want to consider pre-ordering a deck or two on Kickstarter. The campaign is funded and so, a pledge of £9 or more (about US$13) would secure you a deck in choice of white diamonds or black collectors edition. Delivery is promised to happen as soon as April, 2016, of course. Go check it out.

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