DMC DeLorean DMC-12-Inspired: Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk 544px
(image credit: Nike/fubiz) Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk | US$tbc |

while brand collaborations between automotive and gadgets are a norm these days, fashion and automotive collaborations are rare – save for those F1 or other racing merchandise. this particular item from Nike is just one of those rare fashion-automotive collaboration. well, it’s more like a fashion-automotive-movie collaboration. introducing the Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk, an extremely limited edition sneaker to mark the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future (Universal Pictures, 1985).
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the design, color and even the shoe box drew its inspiration from the delightful brushed stainless steel DMC DeLorean DMC-12 which was featured in the movie as the time traveling sports car. you can easily spot the association between the shoes and the car. for example, the sole of the sneaker actually resembles the DMC-12 tail light and the shoe box features ‘gull wing’ opening just like the gull wing doors on the DeLorean. pretty impressive.

i know what you are thinking… no, there’s no auto-lacing. though the sneaker purpose is to mark the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, the shoe is inspired by DMC DeLorean and not the DeLorean time machine. the Nike 6.0 DeLorean is limited to 1000 pieces world wide and will go on sale this Friday via Nike online store and selected retailers.

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check out the photos below.

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk - DeLorean car taillights 544px
the taillights of the DMC DeLorean DMC-12.

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk - the under sole 544px
see the resemblance between the taillight and the sole?

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk - DeLorean with gull wing doors opened 544px
the DMC-12 with its gull wing doors opened

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk - shoe box with gull-wing style cover 544pxgull wing door inspired shoe box cover/flaps, just like the DeLorean

Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk on the box and on the car 544px
the sneaker, the box and the car. notice the name plate on the shoebox? just like it was on the car.

via fubiz and The Daily What.

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