having a cold one when you are in your humble pad doesn’t seem much of an issue, but when you out in the yard for extended period of time, cooler box is about the only way to keep the beer cool untethered (apart from shuttling back and forth from the yard to the kitchen). while inventions like the SolarCooler offers a solar-powered solution to keep your booze cold in an environmentally friendly way, Danish firm eCool proposed another eco-friendly solution with a more ancient approach by going down into the earth, literally. the idea behind eCool is to use the earth’s natural cool, which mankind has been doing for centuries with cellars and food shelters, to keep your cold one cold, or at least cool as compared to the blazing heat on the surface.

eCool Underground Beer Cooler

obviously, it won’t be able to chill your can booze like a fridge does, but it will at least keep them from becoming yucky warm beers. however, if you are into warm beers (don’t laugh, some folks do), then you can forget about this 1,895 Danish Krone (about US$346) contraption, or any form of cooler box for that matter. the entire setup is 1.13 meters (3.7 feet) tall, measures 22-30 cm (8.7-11.8 inches) across, which means you will have to dig a pretty sizable hole to ‘install’ it, but once the deed is done, you all good to load up 24 cans of your favorite booze or soda and be greeted with earth-cool drink whenever you need one. according to eCool, it is advised to use a garden drill, though it can also be done with good’ol shovel if you are man enough to do so.

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eCool Underground Beer Cooler

retrieving and loading of the can drinks are done manually via a hand-crank. just pop the giant bottle cap-like top up and start cranking away. the eCool underground beer cooler is no doubt a novel approach to keep the beers cool, but it looks like it is more suitable for use in your yard, as 12 kilograms (26.5 lbs) is quite a heft to be lugging to the beach or campsite and that’s not to mention the manual labor required – if the beach or campsite even allows you do so in the first place.

eCool Underground Beer Cooler

eCool via Feber [SE]

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