when was the last time you needed a flashlight and it turned out that the batteries were flat (or worst, corroded) because it has been left inactive for too long? it happens at some point in time and that’s not ok if there is an emergency like power outage when all the lights are out. with the Eton Blackout Buddy H2O, you won’t have such a problem. in fact, Eton said its magnesium-oxide battery will continue to work even if it is left untouched for up to 10 years. and when the situation calls for lights, all you need is add water and voila, a flashlight that will run continuously for 72 hours is there to light up the bleakest moments – literally, not emotionally though.

Eton Blackout Buddy H2O

it has three LEDs that’s powered by the said magnesium-oxide. to get started, you can either dip the device in a cup of water or introduce water into the battery compartment, and when it starts to get dim within the 72 hours, just top it up with more water and it is good to continue. and oh, it is said that it will even work underwater. sounds like a must-have for any home or camping emergency kit. but there is a catch though. it is for one-time use only, but the fact that it does not use harmful chemicals such as toxic mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium or lead, it won’t harm the environment when you disposed it after use. besides, it cost just $9.99 to own, which means you could have a few handy for emergency situations. just remember that this is a one-time use product, so don’t go around lighting it up and end up with nothing for real emergency situations.

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