F1 Race Stars Video Game

F1 Race Stars Video Game
F1 Race Stars Video Game | from £25.00 | www.codemasters.com

we are such a sucker for racing games, especially those with ultra-realistic game engines and graphics. however, sometime we do appreciate a little injection of cuteness into an usually serious game such as the F1 2012 video game. the soon-to-release F1 Race Stars Video Game is just the game that will fit the cutesy bill. naturally, this means going on the opposite route from the more simulator-like official F1 game with the game featuring familiar race car stars in their caricature form – bobber head style (imagine bopper head Lewis Hamilton, yeah. you get the idea), while still offering track challenges such as long straights, hairpins, jump and loop-in-loop, and deployable power-ups, in races across the world iconic Formula 1 locations, including Monaco, Silverstone and the new Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas. the game also features up to 4-player split-screen racing and 12-player competition, along with the staple-to-racing-game career mode. the F1 Race Stars Video Game is slated to hit the stores this November and is available on popular platforms including Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, as well as PC. you can secure a copy of the platform of your choice via The F1 Store for £25 (about US$39) for the PC version, and £35 each (about US$55) for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. check out the game teaser trailer after the break.

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