Who doesn’t love a Ferrari? If you don’t, perhaps the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider may change your mind. Unveiled at the Fiorano circuit back in June, the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider, as their names imply, are based on the SF90 Stradale V8 PHEV but more extreme.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider

They are essentially track-focused versions of the regular SF90. I know right. As if the SF90 isn’t extreme already. Anyhoo… it gets even better. While completely hard-core and track-focused, they are totally road-legal – which is the first in the history of the Ferrari XX program.

The XX SF90 Stradale shares the same 4.0L V8 turbocharged petrol engine paired with three electric motors (of which one is a Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic or MGUK) as the regular SF90 and in the same configuration, i.e. two front-axle mounted and the MGUK between the engine and an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox which now uses the patented logic introduced on the Ferrari Daytona SP3.

It is worth noting that the electric motors on the XX models deliver 230 horses which are 13 bhp more than the standard SF90 – thanks to the patented extra boost vehicle dynamics logic – a first on a Prancing Horse road car. The electric motors are hooked up to a 7.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers an electric-only range of 25 km (about 16 miles) and a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph).

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Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider

The mid-rear-mounted V8 turbo engine has a little more oomph too – thanks to the increased efficiency (through polishing the inlet and exhaust ducts), increased compression ratio through the adoption of new pistons, and machining of the combustion chamber. The result is a max output of 786 hp, a 17 hp boost over the standard SF90. All told, the XX versions yielded 1,016 horses which are 30 more than the regular version.

The aero has been tweaked too. Ferrari said the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale delivers the most efficient aero performance of any road-going car. It has double the maximum downforce of the SF90 Stradale, thus improving grip and achieving better lap times.

The new aero also resulted in a significantly more aggressive-looking SF90 and also it now has a fixed rear spoiler – an aero feature that has not been seen on a road-going Ferrari since the legendary F50.

The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider have a limited run of 799 and 599 units, respectively, and they are cars money can buy (yay? Maybe?) The SF90 XX Stradale goes for €770,000 (around US$835K) while the SF90 XX Spider commands a hefty €850,000 (about US$922K).

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider
Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider
Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider

Images: Ferrari.

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