Forget about Second Amendment. If you love guns, but fear the worst that could come from real firearms, Utah-based Goat Guns is here to fill your deepest desire to own guns without the insecurity. Goat Guns started producing scale model guns that appeared in first person shooter (FPS) video games, but it soon grow to sell replicas of real-life firearms that are now loved by many.

Goat Guns Replica Toy Gun Models

Goat Guns are 1:3 scale gun replicas, or to be precise, they are non-firing toy replica model guns. This means they are small and won’t be mistaken as the real deal and most importantly, they can’t be modified, in anyway, to shoot projectiles of any manner. However, like the real deal, you can build variations, customize Goat Guns with attachments and spread paint.

Goat Guns Replica Toy Gun Models

You may be thinking, why do you want to tiny, non-firing guns? Well, why do people collect model cars? I rest my case. Goat Guns, being tiny in nature, allows firearms fans to collect as many as they can afford without demanding a huge real estate. That’s not mention that you don’t need spend gazillions on security either. And did we mention that they are die-cast stuff? Yup, they are. Pretty dope, right?

You can find a range of Goat Guns Replica Toy Gun Models and attachments selling on Goat Guns website. Prices starts at just $29.99. And no, you do not need a background check to collect Goat Guns.

Goat Guns Replica Toy Gun Models
An AK that Admiral General Aladeen would love… if not for the size.

Images courtesy of Goat Guns.

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