GorillaTorch is a lamp and head torch at the same time

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(credit: JOBY) GorillaTorch Switchback | €59,95 | joby.com

Joby has a solution that will let you carry one less thing on your next camping trip. meet the GorillaTorch Switchback, it is a table lamp and it is also a head torch, plus it was a winner of the 2011 Red Dot Design award. the lamp can be carried around like any other lantern or leave on the table or floor to light up your tent and when you need to trek in the dark or whatever, it can quickly be transformed into a headlamp (or some say, flashlight).
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within this compact package are five powerful CREE XLamp XP-G LED that is capable of 130-lumen of brightness that’s enclosed by a holographic lens with 92% ultra-efficiency, providing a bright and even profile. it is said that one can look into lamp without hurting his or her eyes. adjustable gradual brightness (6 levels) and dimmer also comes as standard for this lamp. in its headlamp form, it has two modes: red LEDs for night vision and white LEDs for flood lighting effect. i think aesthetically, it is gorgeous but what impresses me most was the claimed battery life. the Switchback is touted to have up to 72 hours of battery life from just a pair of AA batteries.

the GorillaTorch Switchback retails for €59,95 (about $80) and comes with the famed GorillaPod flexible stand plus a bonus adapter clip for use as a camera tripod. don’t forget to check out Switchback’s product video after the break.

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