Custom LEGO Nintendo Zapper Kit by AbbieDabbles

You know this is going to happen sooner or later. What you see here is the Nintendo Zapper for NES, straight from the mid-80s… in LEGO guise. Perfect addition to those who are looking to complete the LEGO 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System setup.

Custom LEGO Nintendo Zapper Kit by AbbieDabbles
It even has a decidedly retro product poster too!

This custom LEGO set, created to complement the official LEGO NES release, is created by AbbieDabbles in collaboration with NickBrick.

AbbieDabbles and NickBrick has faithfully recreated the LEGO model of the Nintendo Zapper Gun that comes with full color instructions and all LEGO pieces required to built the iconic Zapper gun.

Further adding the touch of realism is custom printed box that reminiscent of the original Zapper packaging.

Obviously, neither AbbieDabbles nor NickBrick is affiliated with LEGO or Nintendo. This is a LEGO MOC made by fans for fans.

Custom LEGO Nintendo Zapper Kit by AbbieDabbles

You can actually pick up a set. AbbieDabbles is holding her own crowdfunding campaign of sort on her website where you can pre-order a set for US$125. Not going to lie. It’s pricey. However, we shall leave it to you to be a judge of whether or not if it is worth the dough.

Anywho… if a minimum of 20 kits have been ordered, the set will be produced. However, if the minimum set ordered is not met by August 24th, your payment will be refunded. Only 50 sets are being offered. At the time of this post, only 23 kits are left. This means, the minimum has been met and it is a go.

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In any case, I am sure someone along the way will be offering instructions in return for a modest fee, but if you rather not hunt for the bricks yourself, this Custom LEGO Nintendo Zapper Kit by AbbieDabbles and NickBrick might be it – that’s if you are so adamant in completing your faux LEGO NES setup.

Now, who’s going to come up with a Duck Hunt scene to replace the Super Mario on the faux LEGO TV?

Images: AbbieDabbles.

Source: FBTB.