Let me ask you this: what is the fastest camera in the world? If you are thinking the camera built at Lunch University, you’d be right. But do you know there’s another that is fast in another way? Well, there is. Folks, meet the Lamborghini “Huracam” by Incline Dynamic Outlet, a company that rents and operates gyro stabilized heads. And yes. That is spelt HURACAM. Not a typo.

But why Huracam? Because, as you can see, it is the super quick baby Lambo, the Huracan, stuck with a little extra richie rich who owns it does not have: a gyro-stabilized camera rig fitted into its frunk (again, not a typo. It’s the front trunk). So, a recap: one stupid fast supercar driven by a growling, always angry 5.2L V10 motor with 602 horses on the tap and a camera on a gyro-stabilized rig.

Incline Dynamic Outlet Lamborghini Huracam Camera Car
Not going to lie. The first time I saw it, I thought was a R/C car. Obviously, it is not.

I guess that kind makes the Huracam the world’s fastest camera, doesn’t it? Except the fast here isn’t respect to the shooting speeds, but the literally camera movement. OK. It is not world’s fastest camera, but it is at least the world’s fastest camera car.

I.D.O. has reportedly spent months and “over half a million dollars” to develop the frame and camera controls for use with this supercar. I am curious, though. How the rig affects the ride’s weight distribution? Then again, with so much power, I guess weight distribution does not quite matter. What you need to know is, capturing fast car chase scenes has a new name and it is called Huracam.

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