out in the field, solar charger seems like a perfect solution for charging your mobile devices, but what about when you are indoor? oh right. we have wall outlets to deal with it. however, Italian creative agency Studio Natural has a better idea and it is called Lucio Energy Point. energy point sounds like a bad translation, but it is not; it really is an energy point and in this instant, it is a table with a top laid with solar panels that absorbs both artificial and natural light and converts them to power for your electronics gears. a thoughtful slot cuts across the table allows your devices to ‘dock’ while a USB cable directs power from the side of the table to it.

Lucio Energy Point By Studio Natural

it has three USB ports of unknown output and from the looks of it, the Lucio should be able to accommodate up to three devices, or two if two large size tablets were to be charged simultaneously. presumably, there should be some battery packs within the thick table top to store the energy. since it is capable of generating power of its own, even with artificial lights from indoor environments, the table can be placed far away from wall outlets. as long there is light source, it will keep producing power for your devices. sounds like a brilliant idea, but just how much and how fast the solar panels can convert the room lighting to usable electricity is unclear. with the lack of information, we are incline to think this is merely a concept.

via Design Boom

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