Lumen Body Heat Activated Flashlight

Among the worst thing that can happen in our life is finding your flashlight out juice when you need it. With the Lumen Flashlight, problem of such won’t happen, because it doesn’t have any battery to begin with. Neither does it need you to crank like mad to get the power. The magic? A miniature thermoelectric generator built into it will transform your body heat from your hand into usable electricity that powers its 5mm Cree LED. The LED produces 3,000 mCd light, which is not exactly the brightest, but it should good enough for bare minimum illumination, perhaps to find your real flashlight, or help you find the keyhole and such.

While it does need a battery, it does have a super capacitor that stores excess energy harvested through the device’s aluminum body, ready to power the LED whenever you need it. Two models are being offered: aluminum and titanium, each with the option to include a Tritium mark, a glass tube with phosphor layer and tritium gas, that will produce long lasting always-on light, so you can easily spot the Lumen in the dark. Think of the Tritium as a glow in the dark tube that will could last over a decade and need not to be recharged.

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Interested? If so, you can pre-order it during its Kickstarter campaign in the next 14 days or so, for $35-$60, depending the model you are after.

Kickstarter via werd.