It is said that only the worthy one will be able to lift the mythical Mjölnir, but with the Marvel Thor’s Hammer 4’ Oversized Foam Prop, you don’t need to be worthy or enchanted to wield it because, it has a real-world weight of mere 20 lbs (around 9 kilograms). Hell, even a kid could pull it along. No, wait. There is just one problem here. At 4 feet (1.2 meter) tall, it might be a little too big to be conveniently lug around and obviously, it won’t make you fly like Thor. On the bright side, Magneto won’t be able to snatch it from you because, it is crafted from Uru, the magical Asgardian metal. Nah. Just kidding. It is not made of Uru. It is of prop-favorite material: foam.

Marvel Thor’s Hammer 4’ Oversized Foam Prop

And foam is good too because, your luxurious marble floor will be totally safe even if you accidentally drop this lighting summoning hammer, but don’t go swinging around like Thor always does because, it can still break things and smash heads, even. So, like the actual Mjölnir, you’d have to handle it with some levels of care. You know what? I think this is the perfect accessory if you intend to dress up as Thor this Halloween. I mean, you can get a “life-size” variety that cost hundreds of dollars, but let me tell you this: if you want to stand out from the crowd and adds a sprinkle of cheekiness to your Asgardian getup, the Marvel Thor’s Hammer 4’ Oversized Foam Prop it is.

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Oh, wait. It actually cost much as its size too, at $249.99 a pop, to be precise. Damn. I don’t remember Thor ever have to pay for this magical hammer. All he have to do is be good. Well, I guess being ‘good’ is not the only prerequisite in the real-world. Scale reference after the break.

Marvel Thor’s Hammer 4’ Oversized Foam Prop

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