What you do you think of the logo of J.J. Abrams’ film and TV production company, Bad Robot Productions? Cute? Wish it could be something you can touch? Well, the answer is yes, then you are in luck because, Bat Robot toy is a thing.

Mattel Creations Bad Robot Premium Action Figure

Never mind that we never actually have a full view of its lower body because, Mattel Creations and Bad Robot has made a Bad Robot Premium Action Figure money can buy. I kid you not.

The Mattel Creations Bad Robot Premium Action Figure is part of the toy collection Mattel is serving up to mark SDCC 2021.

Mattel Creations Bad Robot Premium Action Figure

It is the first articulated collector grade Bad Robot toy on the market, boasting 24 points of articulation, and die-cast metal head, torso, legs and feet.

Rounding up this 7.25-inch (18 cm) tall collectible action figure are premium finish and a removable back panel on the head to reveal Bad Robot’s true inner workings.

Details of the so-called “true inner workings” are not revealed, nor are there pictures of it. If you want to know what makes the director/filmmaker’s mischievous mascot ticks, you have buy one yourself to find out.

And yes, it is totally something you can buy if you have US$100 laying around.

Images: Mattel.

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